Truly my final Frys Run and of course there was a major issue...

>> November 10, 2009

Ok so 20 items, should be (2) $5 Mega Sale discounts... unfortunately that didn't happen...
5 Chex Mix $1.47- $.50 MQ= $0.47 each
2 Sunny Ds $0.89 each - $.55 IPs= $0.11 overage each
8 Dole Mandarin Oranges $0.49 each- $0.55/2 MQs= $0.01 overage each
2 BC Potatoes $0.99 each - $0.40 IPs= $0.01 overage each
And the problem child in the order...
3 cheezits Rang up $2.97 each, not $0.99 and not a mega sale item... - $0.75 MQs... I paid $1.97 each and then was shorted a $5 discount..
Total on a gift card $10.94 (yuck)

A manager checked me out, but a very unhappy one that either hates her job or her life, she is never very friendly.. and was basically like. you only bought 17 items, I tried to point out the cheezits, but she just repeated my total.. and of course it was like 8pm, so no customer service person available to figure out what happened.

So I leave.. plan on returning tomorrow to fix it.. When I returned home, I realized my cheezits are a bigger box.. of course they were in the space for the sale ones.. so tomorrow I will have to exchange and get my extra $5 back..

I should get back $9.44 back, leaving my real total to be $1.50! Which is great, particularly for 5 bags of chex mix which I really wanted!

Oh and they were out of the cheap hormel pepperoni, and the manager wouldn't give me a rain check because she couldn't find it in the sales ad. Bummer!


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