Wags and CVS!

>> November 10, 2009

I had $12 in ECBS expiring that I had to use... and not of lots of choices for rolling this week ++ I needed soda and TP. So I could of simply bought the soda (4) for $12, used my ECBs and been done. I did receive a $5 off 25 CVS email Q though, so I figured if I could find either the Nova Max Meter or Ear Rinse that is Free after ECB this week, I could make a better deal. No ear rinse in my store, but they had lots of nova max meters.

4 Diet Coke 12 packs $12
1 Nova Max $9.99
1 CVS TP $3.69
-$5/25 Q
-$19 ECBs
Total $1.87 on a gift card, Earned $9.99 ECBs (nova max).

It wasn't a money maker run by any means, but it was only a net loss of 11.88 in CVS funds... which isn't bad for 4 packs of soda and CVS TP that we DESPERATELY needed!!

3 orders, each with just a Contour or Breeze Meter on sale for $14.99- Free MQ= $0.91 tax each. Earned $5 RR for each one. So $15 RR for $2.73 on a walgreens gift card. I have 2 more Qs that I HAVE to use this week, because they expire Nov 30th.


Precious November 10, 2009 at 4:22 PM  

Nice job at CVS! But what a score at Walgreens! WooHoo!

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