Walgreens- catching up

>> November 30, 2009

This is what I bought today at walgreens (thanks to couponsinoverdrive for the heads up on the ecotrin deal).

3 Ecotrin $1.99 each (with ad q) - $10/3 MQ = 4.03 overage
1 Scott Tp $2.50 (with ad q)
1 Wags Bleach $1.99
Total $1.10 on a gift card (subtotal was only $0.46! )

I did this on blackfriday
1 Touch and Brush Toothpaste dispenser $19.99
$15 Wags gift card
1 wags car $0.49
6 holiday bags $0.10 each
-$36 RR (from thanksgiving purchases)
Total $1.37 (subtotal was only $0.08!!) on a wags gift card. + earned a $5 RR for the Touch and Brush...
However, I did return the Touch and Brush today.. it dispensed toothpaste fine, but would not stick to the drywall in our bathroom well. Peter tried several times and it kept falling after 5-10 minutes. So he made me return it... oh well I tried! So I returned that today, received $21.21 on a wags gift card and she let me keep the $5 RR!!

Babies R Us.. We stopped in today so i could make a registry for the new baby. I have a few ideas on things we will need (we saved some stuff but not everything given that storage is a premium for us).. anyway, I had to get the registry started today because I had a coupon for a free $10 gift card for starting a registry and it expired today! I also received their new baby welcome kit with some Qs and samples in it. Fun stuff!


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