WOOO HOOO Great FRYS RUN.. "almost" perfect!!!

>> November 08, 2009

I had an awesome plan of attack for this morning and it went almost perfect! I knew I wanted to do a HUGE order (huge for me!) this weekend with my other $10/50 AJ's Q. I waited until this weekend, because there were some freebies with Safeway Qs in their ad good only on Saturday Sunday. Free OJ, english muffins, bacon and eggs with a $50 + purchase.

Anyway, since I was planning on hitting $50 to use my $10/50 Aj's Q, I figured I might as well get the breakfast freebies too. I planned on snagging 30 Mega Sale items + use a free purina dog food Q I had, to help get my subtotal up to $50ish. I calculated it last night and I had a total of $46.xx - less $58 in Qs (remember my $10 Q!), so about $12 in overage to use in the store.

I had a hard time deciding what to spend it on so I decided to just grab a gift card to cover the coupon overage in stead. I also had some Alberstons OYNO Qs I could use (5) $2 ones, from their sale last week, so that would bring me up to about $22 in overage, good enough to cover most of a $25 gift card!

I also had $25 in Frys Pharmacy Rewards on my account, so I decided if I tried to get a 2nd gift card, using those funds, my subtotal would be $46+ $25 +25, just $4 shy of $100. And I realized that Albertsons had a FREE turkey Q in their ad if you spent $100!! so... of course I decided to go for it. I never usually take advantage of deals for freebies at $50+ or $100 + orders, because my usual grocery orders are never that large. Anyway, adding in the free safeway items (oj, bacon, eggs and english muffins), put me well over the $100 subtotal. However, I decided to snag one more cheap milk, plus a few veggies for the chicken noodle soup I making today for dinner!
Two Pictures, because I took a quick one off the cold stuff when I first got home. Then we raced to the park to meet a friend at 8:30... then when I got home, snapped another picture of the rest off the goodies.

Here is my order... (Mega sale items are already prices with the $0.50 discount when you buy 10...)
4 snuggles $2.99 each - $3 Q= free
2 Carnation milks $.49 each - $.50/2 MQ= free
4 Dole Fruits $.49 each - $0.50 IPs= $0.50 overage each
2 Chex Mix $1.47 each - $0.50 IPs= $0.47 each
2 Halls $0.50 each - $.35 MQs= $ 0.50 overage each
3 Uncle Bens Ready Rice $0.99 each - $1/3 MQ= $0.66 each
5 Rolaids $1 each - $1 MQ and (2) $4/2 MQs (expected $4 overage.. cashier adjusted and only got $1 overage)
4 BC Potatoes $.99 - $0.25 MQs= free
4 LOL Butters $0.99 each - $0.50 IPs= free
1 Milks $1.47
1 bag of carrots $1.69 (could have done better at 99 cent only!)
1 Celery $1.29 (could have done better at 99 cent only!)
1 White Onion $0.93
1 Frys Eggs $1.38 - free safeway Q= free
1 Frys English Mufins $1.99- free safeway Q= free
1 Frys OJ $2.88- free safeway Q= free
1 Frys Bacon $3 - free safeway Q= free
1 Turkey(13.30 lbs) $10.51- free albies Q= free
1 Purina Chef Michaels Dog Food $11.49- free MQ= free
1 Frys Bag $0.99 (Cashier wouldn't take Albies survey Q for this... odd)
$25 Gift Card
$25 Gift Card
-$0.20 BYOB discount
-$10/50 AJs Q
-$25 Pharmacy Rewards
- $3 Safeway OYNO Q (from kleenex deal a few weeks back)
-$10 Albies OYNO Qs (from last weeks cereal/granola bar deal)
-$1 Frys OYNO (from Pounce earlier this week)
Total OOP $5.94!!!!! (I receipt says I saved $185.07, or 96%!!!)
So..SLIGHTLY disappointed that the cashier didn't allow the overage on the Rolaids Qs.. but they were still free.. I just had counted on $3 more in overage.. plus of course the $0.99 store tote bag Q that she wouldn't use. I didn't need the tote bag, just figured I would maximize my competitor store Q usage.. so that's another $3.99 that I had expected off my total... However... no issues with my free turkey Qs or buying my gift cards, so I will take it as a WIN!!
Plus I didn't need the milk or veggies from Frys RIGHT then, but the Frys milk price is great and we go through alot of it... plus the veggies were convenient, and I do need them for today. Its nice not to have to run to grab them now, and I would have saved less than $1 on those anyway...
I was very pleased with my free turkey and of course $50 in Gift cards... I hate use their Pharmacy Rewards, because they can be such a pain when using coupons. So its best to use them on an order with Qs, or a HUGE order like this where Qs aren't going to cover the cost of everything.. of course I knew my Qs would cover the cost of MOST things and then some.. so I just threw on the Gift cards.. YAH!!!
(1) $25 Frys Gift card for future grocery purchases and (1) $25 "other" gift for the xmas/bday presents pile!
So I won't bother returning the Frys bag or trying to get my Q reimbursed... unless of course I read that other people were able to use the receipt/survey Q.
I also snagged a freebie catalina at the self checkout next to mine.. free Idahoan Mashed Potatoes, because I REALLY NEED MORE potatoes :-)


Precious November 8, 2009 at 11:39 AM  

WOW KC! I am so impressed! All those groceries and gift cards for $5.+ is phenomenal! Can I take you with me to Buffalo so you can help me do my deals? You work the deals like no one I have ever seen! I can't wait for you to write the guest post for me!

Milloy Family November 8, 2009 at 12:09 PM  

You are incredible! I was tempted to try to get to $100 for the free turkey, but I am running low on participating Qs from my 8 trips to Fry's in the last 10 days! 2 $25 giftcards! Wow. I am seriously impressed. Great run!

Renee Richins November 9, 2009 at 5:02 PM  

My Fry's requires my total to be $100 after coupons in order to use the free turkey coupon. I couldn't bring myself to spend that much on groceries.

kc November 9, 2009 at 5:50 PM  

Hi Precious,
I did utilize the $10/50 Q + my competitor store Qs (OYNOS) + my pharmacy rewards to get those gift cards. But it is nice to do it with little OOP, plus the free turkey was nice!

Hi Milloy Family,
I was hoping I would have enough Qs to do this order, but I had planned on a $50 order on the weekend to begin with because of the safeway Qs. So it did work out fairly well for me.

Hi Renee,
I wasn't sure if my store would let me do it either, but there "issues" were much slighter, the free bag Q from the Albertsons Receipt and of course the overage on the rolaids which is YMMV normally anyways. I was very happy with my order!

Jodi November 9, 2009 at 10:37 PM  

I did the same thing. I had the $25 Rx rewards used a bunch of free coupons plus 2 $10/50 cpns. I picked up 4 of the $15 giftcards to various places for kids stockings plus my Free turkey and 30 mega event items plus blackberries(3 pints) and one pkg bacon bits...out of pocket was still $12.55 but savings was 94% and I ended up with $60 in gift cards. I just wish I had a bunch more coupons to make freebies so that the $10/50 results in overage. Can't wait to see what happens this next week.....Great shopping!!!

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