New Years Eve Shopping!

>> December 31, 2009

I hit up some shopping today, one with Quinn before our park adventure and then the rest while he napped at the hotel with daddy, and grandma and papa....

4 Targets.. although one was a bust.. here is my haul:
(2) Little People $0.87 each (one santa and one mrs. claus!)
(2) Handy Manny See N Says $1.74 each
(1) Mr. People Die Cast Car set $4.99 (didn't see the sesame street ones anywhere.. but these are cute too)
(1) Bag of Marshmallow $0.19
(2) Christmas YoGaBaGaBa Books $1.79 each
(1) GI Joe set $2.24
(1) Holiday Playdoh set $0.99
(1) Hotwheel Holiday Pack $0.99
(1) Megablocks YoGaba set $1.24
(2) Weebles xmas sets $1.49 each
AND (1) Thomas Wooden train set (5 cars) $9.99 only half off.. not part of the 75% xmas stuff.. I had hoped... but still not a bad price... we will see if we keep it though...

So.. some of these are repeats from my purchases a few days ago and my moms... when we snagged stocking stuffers at 50% off... now we can return the 50% off ones....

My summary....
Quinn's Stocking:
1 Mr. People Die Cast set, Hot wheels set, and playdoh set for Quinn's stocking next year... for $7 total! (Not sure if I will save the yogabagaba books for then or not.. or just have them out now...)
#2's Stocking:
2 Little People, and Handy Manny see n say (maybe weebles.. not sure if my mom already had those for her house)... so either $3.50 ish or $5 ish depending upon the weebles...

Not bad for some cute stocking stuffers and I am done... plus the rest of the stuff is for the boy's stockings at my mom's house...

I came across a CVS near one Target, so I bopped in to grab some vitamins...
2 nature's bounty vitamin E $11.49 B1G1 - $5 IPs= $1.49 for BOTH
2 nature's bounty vitamin C $6.49 B1G1 - $3 IPs= $0.49 for BOTH
2 Disney Princess Gummy Vitamins B1G1 $6.99- $2 MQs= $2.99 for BOTH
+ 1 bag of M&M's (filler) $0.89 cause I was at a $0.03 negative subtotal...
- $5/20 CVS Q
Total $2.62 (with cali's 8.75% tax rate!!) on a gift card, earned $6 ECBS (natures bounty)

I had a $5 off Email Q burning a hole in my pocket.. stopped in to see what I could find and found these super cute frames...
80% off!!!
$3.59 each - $5 Email Q
Total $2.37 OOP!!!
$1.19 a frame is a smoking deal anyway.. I just can't believe they were originally $17.99!!! The mat is a denim.. and since we are having another boy.. each one can have a cute frame for their room!


Target Deals 12/28

I picked up a few things on Tuesday.. scoping out xmas section at my local store, which had tons left. Unfortunately, Wednesday came and no 75% off.. and then we left for SD... so I will have to check some of their stores today (and I have already read that some store here went 75% yesterday, so who knows what I will find)...

I did mange to snag some method soap $2.54- $2 IPs ( = $0.54.. I like free softsoap and dial hand soap with triple coupons at safeway or frys... but this peppermint method soap smelled YUMMY!! So a fun splurge at $0.54 each

I also snagged a couple sections from the $ section... 50% off. 2 boxes of animal crackers for the road trip. Plus a cute book about a new baby (both boys even!) and a cars magnetic thingy for the fridge.. quinn will have fun playing "dress up" with it. Everything was $0.50!

Wish me luck today finding some 75% off xmas toys/stocking stuffers..that is my Target Goal!


Staples Rewards: Don't let them expire!!

>> December 30, 2009

Ok.. for everyone out there that did the free backpack after staples rewards deal back in July, see my deal here; make sure you spend your rewards checks. My was set to expire 12/31/09!! I managed to snag a decent deal on a toner for my laser printer using it, a printer cartridge recycling reward and a Q from my email..

My order looked liked this:
Staples Toner $59.99

Duracell 20 pack batteries $12.99
-$20/50 Q
-$21 in rewards (for recycling 7 ink cartridges a few months ago)
-$25 in rewards (backpack purchase)
Total $7.51 with tax..

Not a bad price for the ink, which I will need sometime this year with all the coupon printing I do around here!!!

Plus, I received free next day delivery as well, because my order was $50+ (based on pre coupons and rewards)!

Plus I will get $12.99 back in Jan. for the batteries.. the batteries were on a rebate special for the past month, you could get 2 packs a week at $12.99 and earn back $12.99 in rewards for each one. I picked up one other pack right around black friday as well.. so I expect $26 in rewards in Jan.


CVS 12/29

>> December 29, 2009

I had to run and pick up an RX... so I worked another deal
1 Huggies Overnights (almost out) $11.99- $2 IP
1 Vitamin E $10.99 - $5 IP (nature's bounty rewards program)
1 Vitamin C $9.99- B1G1 Sale - $5.00 (overage towards Vitamin E)
- $5/20 CVS Q
-$5.98 ECBS
Total $O OOP ( I also picked up soap and cotton balls for my dad. but magically worked it out without much though to make my Qs and ECBS wipe out my purchases!!!)
I also earned $3 for buying 2 vitamins (didn't know this would happen... just needed some vitamins and it helped get my total to $20)... so total bonus!!


Target and CVS...

I stopped in to CVS and repeated my transaction from yesterday... on my mom's card, cause the meter is limit one. The trash bags are already stashed away and the meters are in my donate pile, so NO picture.

We also stopped at Target to see what was happening with the Christmas clearance... still 50% off. I picked up a pack of Luvs Diapers, using my $5 Q that expires on Thursday. The closetmaid fabric bins are on sale this week for $5.50 each.. .normally $6.99, so I picked up a few for the baby's room (we have an ikea bookshelf in there). I also snagged 2 sets of die cast xmas cars for Quinn's stocking next year... regularly $19.99 each!! JEEZ!!! So I paid $9.99.. I plan on only keeping one and am hoping to catch one at 75% later this week.. so Hopefully will have one for $5! I also snagged a cute little people stocking stuffer for #2 @$1.74...

My mom did find a YoGaBaGaba mini block set and GI Joe set for stocking stuffers as well for Quinn... she took them home, so no picture of those.. again will try and find at 75% off to keep costs down.

I was hoping to find a cute stocking for #2... we picked up an elmo one for Quinn last year... but this target at none left.. hopefully I can find one at another store in the next few days...


CVS 12/28

>> December 28, 2009

2 CVS Kitchen Bags B1G1 50% off $7.49 and $3.74 each - $2/10 CRT
1 Contour Meter $14.99- MQ= free
-$5/20 CVS Q
-$3.99 ECB
Total $0.91 on a gift card.. Earned $5 (meter) ECBS

Not a bad deal for some "free" trash bags!!


Don't let the Good Q's expire!!!

I spent some time yesterday going through my coupon book and organizer, pulling out all the coupons that will be expiring this week.. 12-31 is a big expiration day. I have to admit I hadn't been organizing them very well since about Thanksgiving, the holidays are a hectic time. So I had quite a stack to sort and file!!

I then put aside the "GREAT" ones that will be expiring and I will try and use them this week!!! I trashed most of the 12-31 expirations though...

Included in the Great pile a $5 Luvs Q, that will go well at Target this week, Luvs Diapers were advertised at $6.99 in the ad this week! I can handle a $1.99 pack of diapers!!

I have a busy couple of days planned because we will taking a short trip to San Diego very soon, it will be a nice break, hopefully relaxing, however, it does come really close to XMAS, and we JUST got the house back to "normal" order yesterday, much less really clean and organized.

I hope everyone had and continues to have a nice holiday season!!


Old Navy Jeans $15 today- they do include maternity!!

>> December 26, 2009

Quick update.. the Old Navy one day sale of $15 Adult (and $10 kids jeans) does include maternity!! yeah mommies!!

I already snagged 2 pairs this morning, along with 2 pairs of pants marked down to $13.99... using a 25% Q from OldNavy Weekly for under $50!! (Of course I used a gift card from xmas).. so no OOP for me!! :-)

See here for details on the Q!


Merry Christmas Everyone and Fun Xmas Ideas To Share!!

>> December 25, 2009

I thought I would share some fun ideas I have read this week... (By the way the super XL yard gate thing in the picture above was a steal on Craigslist last year for $50 (in fact we ended up with 11-ish panels total), way cheaper than retail price and so essential with a toddler!)

Do you have any new, fun holiday tips to share?


$10 and $15 Jeans at Old Navy 12/26 + a 25% off Q!

>> December 24, 2009

Old Navy is going to have Adult Jeans $15 and Kids Jeans $10 on December 26! I am HOPING that includes maternity jeans, I can definitely use a pair or 2. Plus there is a 25% Q printable on Old Navy Weekly, good through 12/26!! Click 12/24, arrow through to the pink toddler jacket and then click on it! I already printed mine!

Thanks Deal Seeking Mom for all information!!!


Blowing some ECBS

>> December 23, 2009

I had about $21.59 in ECBS expiring 12/26 that I didn't want to stress over.. so I had a tentative plan to roll them with some freebies for the week, with a back up plan of getting the entertainment book if it wasn't going to work out. Of course.. as you can see from the picture, I went with plan B. There is so much going on this week with the holidays, that I didn't want to HAVE to go to more than one store and find the deals, so this worked out fine. Plus the entertainment books were $10 off and I used a $5 CVS Q... so I bought
1 Entertainment book $25 (sale price, normally $35 for the Tucson edition)
3 Reese's Trees for Stocking Stuffers $0.75 each (not the greatest price.. but I did need them for DH's stocking)
-$5/20 CVS Q
-$22.25 in ECBS
Total $1.65 on a gift card
Now I may attempt to go back tomorrow or Saturday to do a few deals with Qs.. but if I don't no biggie, I don't have any ECBS expiring now. NO pressure= LESS stress!


Frugal Ramblings: Success and Failure

So I am sure everyone is running around trying to get last minute stuff done, along with any normal stuff they can or need to accomplish and with that comes some successes and failures.

One success yesterday was finally getting to Harbor Freight yesterday to pick up a few of the free flashlights for my stocking stuffers. The coupon was in their ad a few Sunday's back, plus in the USA weekend that same Sunday. So I had several of the Q and definitely wanted to snag some for stocking stuffers. My mom predicted they would be completely out of the freebie.. but she was WRONG! We snagged 4 free flashlights.. (Quinn, and my grandma was also with us.. .4 people, since it was technically one per customer). I love freebies like this for the stockings... and will keep my eye out for more.

Actually I need to see how many more Qs, I have, they are technically good until sometime in Jan, so if I have a few extras I might snag some for next year's stockings too (its never too early, especially for freebies!!!).

The FAILURE I am sharing is all the baby goodies I discovered in a xmas box last night. I had 2 new little guys to visit with this week and I went out and bought the cute Bookman's onesies a few days ago (still super cute and really more practical), however, it was unnecessary when I had these cute xmas carter sets ready to go. Oh well.. this is why I need to have restraint after xmas when buying goodies. I am sure there won't be any new babies small enough for them next year. (I know mine will be too big by xmas next year!)

The CVS Xmas bibs will probably still be good for next year though, since they are the larger ones, not really for newborns anyway. Anyway, I guess you win some and lose some!


CVS Surveys: Earn extra ECBS!!

>> December 22, 2009

I am not sure if I have mentioned the CVS Advisor Panel before, but its a nice thing to join for occasional extra ECBs for doing surveys. I get them every month or 2, it just depends, but they are a nice bonus.

Here is the link...

The only reason I mention it is because I did a survey a few days ago and my $15 ECB arrived today in my email!!!!! (I usually only get them for $5 or $10 ones). Yeah!!!


Sunday Evening Errands

>> December 21, 2009

We had a busy weekend, as I am sure everyone did getting ready for Christmas... We spent all day making goodies at my mom's house, much longer than I anticipated. I was able to run out for a few errands after Quinnie got a bath.

4 Gallons of Milk $1.58 each
1 Cream Cheese $1 (totally out of it.. need to hit them again for more, I need it for Sopapilla Cheesecake for Xmas morning).
Nanas - don't remember the price.. but we needed them.

We also stopped by Walgreens & CVS for some stocking stuffers (no pictures) using RR and ECBS to pay for it, then a gift card for no OOP cost!

The paper had a $10/$20 Kohls Q on it, so we stopped by dollar tree to snag a few extra copies! I also ran into Bookmans to grab 2 of these cute onsies, I have 2 new babies to visit this week, and when I am dropping off some cookies, I wanted to bring a little something for the boys. I figured they would both have plenty of Christmas bibs at this point, so this will be something for them to wear in the spring.

They are pretty cute, with "Eat, Poop and Read" on the front and then the same on the back in pictures. $9 each, but I used trade credit, so no OOP.


Last Minute Shopping at the Tucson Mall on Monday??

>> December 20, 2009

Has anyone really procrastinated Christmas shopping? I just received an email from The Club at Tucson Mall. You can get 2 free movie tickets on Monday if you spend $250! (Bummer for us, I was out with my dad doing some last minute shopping Saturday night and he easily spent that much!)

Anyway, it's limited to the 1st 100 people. You just bring a copy of the email with your receipts.

Click here to forward it to yourself. And if you have trouble getting it to forward, drop me an email and I will manually forward it from my account. (Desert Deals Diva AT gmail DOT com).


Review: Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Ok Pregnant Ladies! If you have trouble sleeping, you must try the Snoogle Total Body Pillow!!!
I was definitely skeptical of how well it work, and hate to buy specific products geared towards pregnancy unnecessarily. However, I was getting DESPERATE this week; I broke down and bit the bullet. (I am also 6 months preggo, so this might not be necessary until your have a big belly!)
I did a little research and found a couple different brands out there, but the most consistent in reviews has been the Snoogle, so that is what I bought!
I have used it several nights now and it is awesome!. I don't need any other pillows and I don't even have to rearrange the shape much if I switch sides. I just turn over and do a "slight" adjustment on the pillow ends and I am good to go. My biggest complaint with sleeping has been waking up, switching sides and then have to readjust all of my pillows to try and get comfortable again. Now when I wake up (which has been less often), I can quickly switch sides and get back to sleep without the exertion of moving 500 pillows!
I am waking up much more rested and feel so much better! Sleep is so essential to everyone, but especially pregnant mommies of toddlers!!!
Oh and no official disclosure is necessary. I went out on my own bought the pillow for $52.99 at BabiesRUs and I (GASP) had no coupons to use! However, it has been the best $50 I have spent in awhile!!


Craigslist Find! Glider

>> December 19, 2009

We are working on setting up a nursery for baby #2 and came across this STEAL for $40! The cheapest you can find a glider on craigslist has been MAYBE $30, and they have been quite used! In fact you see well used ones listed for $75 even. This one popped up one evening, (I have been stalking craigslist for awhile to snag a great deal!) and I immediately emailed them. Lucky for me, it was not to far away and I was able to see it the next morning BEFORE anyone else! Its a Shermag Glider in PERFECT CONDITION!! The color is a little lighter than I had originally planned but actually matches the crib really well. I just prefer darker fabric generally... However there is no way I could have passed up on this glider, it was a steal for $40!!!!

So it does pay to have patience and STALK craigslist for the real deal that comes up!!


A bit under the weather...

>> December 17, 2009

Sorry for the lack of blog posts.. we had a food poisoning incident here the other day, which though the household off... and then I have been a bit under the weather with my lack of sleep... I just can't comfortable sleeping pregnant and its really caught up with me... Anyway....might bite the bullet and get a fancy pregnancy sleeping pillow, but I would hate to spend $50 on something and it not work... but I am getting desperate!


Frys (Kroger): Earn free airtime when shopping for groceries.

>> December 15, 2009

I-Wireless recently emailed me to let me know how buying groceries at Frys can help pay for you cell phone service. Basically you can earn 20 free minutes for every $100 in grocery purchases. I have seen a little bit of chatter about this program online recently and apparently its $100 pre-coupons...

So when those mega sales hit at Frys, its pretty easy to rack up lots of free airtime! You simply link up your cell phone number to your frys card and the minutes are added automatically as you earn them.

I have been intrigued by this loyalty program, although we are currently on a T-mobile Family Plan... However, when our contract is up soon, I will definitely consider this plan because I hate monthly fees! I can vouch for service or coverage, so I would love to hear from someone who actually uses i-wireless!

In addition, there is a special holiday offer of an additional 500 free minutes when you buy an i-wireless phone of $29.99 in store and register for their "Free Minutes" program.

And an even bigger bonus for those interested in purchasing a phone. Shortcuts (e-coupon program) has a $20 off Q for i-wireless phones right now. Sign up at Shortcuts for free electronic coupons (e-Qs) attached to your Frys card. Its easy to sign up and then "+add" Qs to your card. The coupons come off automatically when you check out!

Using this EQ, you can potentially buy a $29.99 phone- $20 EQ= for $9.99 and then register for the 500 minutes Holiday promotion. Plus continue to earn more free airtime as you shop at Frys!

Anyone with experience using i-wireless? I would love to hear about it!! I would consider the information research for future cell phone plan!


Walmart Price Matching

Albies has been out of the $2.99 All the last few times we have checked.. so we decided to hit Walmart to price match.
6 All Detergent $2.99 - $2 MQ= $0.99 each
3 Snuggle $1.87- $2 MQs= $0.13 overage
1 dz eggs $1.18
2 Apple/Yogurt Dippers $1 each
Total $10.17 (with tax) OOP
Not a bad price, was really hoping though to do the deal at Albies since I could use a $10/50 AJ's Q to help defray the cost. Oh well... :-)


Fun Giveaways To Enter!

Here are a few contests to enter if you have a few moments..

  1. $50 Sears Gift Card from Deal Seeking Mom

  2. Inspire your walls decal from Frugal & Fabulous

  3. And a PJ Set from Frugal & Fabulous

  4. $25 Kroger (Frys) GC to Pamper your pet from I Am A Money Magnet

  5. Flirty Apron from Frugal Femina

If I have time later, I will hunt down some more fun ones to enter... :-)


Stocking Stuffers: $1 Cozy Socks at Old Navy on Saturday!!

>> December 14, 2009

Deal Seeking Mom is reporting that the cozy socks will be $1 this Saturday! What a great stocking stuffer! I know I could use a few extra pairs.. I love wearing these in the winter, and you can't beat the price. The trick is to buy them earlier in the week and just hit the store on Saturday for a price adjustment.... of course while I LOVE this deal, I am not sure if it will cause crowds of people to show up or not... so price adjusting might not be essential anyway.


99 cent store find: Table Toppers!!!

We ran into the 99 cent only to see what they had... I picked up quite a bit of produce to make soups this week.. but what I wanted to show everyone was my super great find!!!

Neat Solutions Table Toppers (1o pack) for 99 cents each!! I grabbed all 9 they had out. They are normally $4-5 dollars for 10 in store. So this is a great find for us. We don't use them as much for Quinn anymore, since he is getting better about keeping his food on his plate.. although there are some situations either food type or dining restaurants where we still find it necessary. Plus of course with #2 on the way, these will definitely come in handy!!


CVS 12/14

2 Tissue Paper $1.99 each
2 Holiday Bows $1.99 each
2 Peel and Stick Tags $2.99 each
1 CVS Value Size Black Trash Bags $7.49
-$5/20 CVS Q - found on slickdeals
-$2/10 CVS Brand CRT
- $5 and $8.99 ECBS
Total $1.02 on a gift card
Earned $3.98 (tissue), $3.98 (bows), and $5.98 (tags) ECBS

The Holiday wrapping goodies are only free after ECBS through Tuesday!!


Great couple of MAIL DAYS!!!

>> December 13, 2009

Here are a couple of fun things I received recently...
  1. The Awesome Peppermint Tower of Yumminess from 1-800 baskets (associated with 1-800 flowers) is actually the Harry London Peppermint Treat Tower. I had it sent free to me, as an early xmas mommy present!! I signed up for 1-800 Flowers Fresh Rewards Program and their automatic celebration reminders, earning me a $40 Fresh Rewards certificate to use! The Fresh Rewards can be combined with coupons and can be used for shipping and tax.. so I actually have a slight balance left on my Fresh Rewards certificate to use at a later date. It looks like they have started limiting you to 150 points or $15 now using their free reminders service, but still not a bad deal, particularly if you send flowers occasionally. Its free to join.. check it out here..
  2. I redeemed for the $25 Southwest Airlines Gift Card through My Coke Rewards. I mentioned it a few weeks back... I am not super Coke loyal, because I do buy whatever is one sale, but I do prefer it to Pepsi. And as a result, I do participate in the mycokerewards program. If you aren't a member, its free to join and worth a few minutes of your time to redeem codes. Occasionally some decent rewards pop up. Of course if you don't want to bother.. just send me all your coke codes, I will be sure to put them to good use!!!
  3. The light bulb for our big screen TV arrived, FINALLY!!! It went out last week, and while it was a bummer to have to buy and deal with the unexpected cost, I did find a decent deal on ebay with some cash back options!! Check it out here!
  4. Lastly are the Qs, I traded for... the $2.00 All Laundry Soap Qs are good at Albies through Tuesday for $0.99 Laundry Soap! The $2.00 Snuggle Qs are good at Walmart for free dryer sheets! And then I snagged a few extra $0.50 Kraft Singles Cheese Qs, since the boys prefer them.
  5. Also a couple of xmas presents I ordered online.. which I can show, but was happy to snag. And a couple of magazines to take in to Bookmans for credit!

Did you get anything good in the mail this week???


Walgreens Saturday Night

Order #1
30 pack of cars $9.99- $4 Wags Q= $5.99
1 Renu Twin pack $9.99- $2.50= $7.49
1 Just For Men $6.99
2 Holiday Gift Bags $0.13 each (with wags Q)
- (4) $5 RR
Total $2.15 on a Wags gift card
Earned $5 Holiday RR, $10 Renu RR, and $7 Just For Men RR
Net cost... only $0.15. Not a bad price for the car set.. another potty training reward. :-)

Order #2
1 Neutragena Lotion $4.99
1 Holiday Gift Bag $0.13 (with wags Q)
- $5 Holiday RR
Total $0.13 on a gift card
Earned $5 Neutragena RR

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