ALL detergent anyone????

>> December 09, 2009

All detergent is $2.99 this week and there was a $2 MQ in the paper just this past weekend... makes for some cheap detergent... Plus they are quadrupling Qs...

I actually created a $50 order, so that I could use a $10/50 AJ's Q...
10 All detergent $2.99- $2 MQ= $0.99 each
4 BC Warm Delights $1.50 (wyb 4)- $.50 IP= $0.50 each
Grapes (rang up at 1.99/lb... supposed to be $0.99/lb, so they refunded my $)= free
1 Albies Butter $1.79 (free wyb 4 betty crocker products)
4 Pepsi 12 packs $2 each
2 Blue Bunny $1.99 each - $1 IP= $0.99 each
-$10/50 AJ's Q
Total $13.70 OOP!!

So in my mind.. free all detergent.. cause the warm delights, ice cream, grapes and pepsi were all at a great price anyway. So my $10 off AJ's Q... basically took off $1 per detergent!!! So I just paid tax on it!

I traded for a few additional All Qs today for me and my mom... before realizing I already had so many inserts... so I will have to find some unique places to store these... of course I can't pass up on any free or super cheap detergent.. it doesn't go bad!!!!


Crockett December 10, 2009 at 10:49 AM  

Awesome transaction! So Albertsons is accepting other coupons too?

kc December 10, 2009 at 11:49 AM  

Yup! They actually normally do competitor's Qs.. although its no really advertised and sometimes the cashiers are unaware of their policy. But i am pretty sure the ad states "accepting competitor's Qs" now... so that helps!

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