Bagel Bummer!!!

>> December 08, 2009

We ran around and did some quick "cherry picking" or "hounding" as some people call it... snagging to best grocery deals from the ads that end today.

4 gallons milks $1.49 each
2 Florida OJ $2.99- $1 MQ = $1.99
1 eggs 18 ct $0.99 (for my mom.. so she took them home)

2 Thomas Bagels $3.99 each <------------- UGHHHHHHHHHHHH I thought they were $1.99 each.. and course after I checked my receipt and the sales ad, I realized the sale price must have been somewhere else... BUMMER!! Way overpriced for those bagels!!
-$5 OYNO Q
Total $12.91 on a gift card.

We were out of bagels and Quinn has grown quite fond of his 1/2 bagel with PB or cream cheese for breakfast... so I needed them.. however, I would have checked the bakery or maybe even snagged them at a bagel shop... $8 for a dozen store bagels is high!

At least I snagged 4 gallons of cheap milk.. sometimes milk is a great price for a few weeks, then all of a sudden.. awful prices.. so this should last us until next week..and if we stay away from the sweets, it should last longer!!
5 Skippy PBs $1.58 - $0.50 MQ = $0.58 each, Total $2.90 OOP for all 5!

(I did break this in to two orders to comply with their limit of doubling 3 like coupons per order)

Order #1
4 Hefty foam plates $1 - $0.50 MQs= free!!
$0.12 OOP (darn tax)!

Order #2.. same as above..
I only have 1 of the 8 packages pictured since my my snagged the rest and took them home with her.

My Card
2 Essence of Beauty $4.99 each
1 Santa Hat $3.99
1 Zantac (bonus pack) $8.99 - $2 IP
-$2/10 CVS Q
- $16 ECBS
Total $3.26 on a gift card
Earned $8 (EOB), $3.99 (santa hat) and $8.99 (zantac) in ECBS

Mom's Card
2 Essence of Beauty $4.99 each
1 Santa Hat $3.99
-$2/10 CVS Q
-$ 11.89 ECBS
Total $0.81 on a gift card
Earned $8 (EOB) and $3.99 (santa hat) in ECBS

I needed to roll some ECBS on my card before xmas, so I wanted to take advantage of the deals this week.. mom's card was fine but it is nice to stagger ECBS expiration dates, rather than have ALL of them set to expire in one week and then of course have nothing good to buy that week!


Milloy Family December 8, 2009 at 6:33 PM  

I do that all the time! I mix up sales between grocery stores and then wonder why my OOP is so high. Those bagels and english muffins were on sale at Fry's this week for 1.99. Good job today!

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