Blowing some ECBS

>> December 23, 2009

I had about $21.59 in ECBS expiring 12/26 that I didn't want to stress over.. so I had a tentative plan to roll them with some freebies for the week, with a back up plan of getting the entertainment book if it wasn't going to work out. Of course.. as you can see from the picture, I went with plan B. There is so much going on this week with the holidays, that I didn't want to HAVE to go to more than one store and find the deals, so this worked out fine. Plus the entertainment books were $10 off and I used a $5 CVS Q... so I bought
1 Entertainment book $25 (sale price, normally $35 for the Tucson edition)
3 Reese's Trees for Stocking Stuffers $0.75 each (not the greatest price.. but I did need them for DH's stocking)
-$5/20 CVS Q
-$22.25 in ECBS
Total $1.65 on a gift card
Now I may attempt to go back tomorrow or Saturday to do a few deals with Qs.. but if I don't no biggie, I don't have any ECBS expiring now. NO pressure= LESS stress!


Precious December 24, 2009 at 3:42 AM  

Great way to get that Emtetainment Book for just about free!

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