Craigslist Find! Glider

>> December 19, 2009

We are working on setting up a nursery for baby #2 and came across this STEAL for $40! The cheapest you can find a glider on craigslist has been MAYBE $30, and they have been quite used! In fact you see well used ones listed for $75 even. This one popped up one evening, (I have been stalking craigslist for awhile to snag a great deal!) and I immediately emailed them. Lucky for me, it was not to far away and I was able to see it the next morning BEFORE anyone else! Its a Shermag Glider in PERFECT CONDITION!! The color is a little lighter than I had originally planned but actually matches the crib really well. I just prefer darker fabric generally... However there is no way I could have passed up on this glider, it was a steal for $40!!!!

So it does pay to have patience and STALK craigslist for the real deal that comes up!!


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