Don't let the Good Q's expire!!!

>> December 28, 2009

I spent some time yesterday going through my coupon book and organizer, pulling out all the coupons that will be expiring this week.. 12-31 is a big expiration day. I have to admit I hadn't been organizing them very well since about Thanksgiving, the holidays are a hectic time. So I had quite a stack to sort and file!!

I then put aside the "GREAT" ones that will be expiring and I will try and use them this week!!! I trashed most of the 12-31 expirations though...

Included in the Great pile a $5 Luvs Q, that will go well at Target this week, Luvs Diapers were advertised at $6.99 in the ad this week! I can handle a $1.99 pack of diapers!!

I have a busy couple of days planned because we will taking a short trip to San Diego very soon, it will be a nice break, hopefully relaxing, however, it does come really close to XMAS, and we JUST got the house back to "normal" order yesterday, much less really clean and organized.

I hope everyone had and continues to have a nice holiday season!!


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