Frugal Ramblings: Success and Failure

>> December 23, 2009

So I am sure everyone is running around trying to get last minute stuff done, along with any normal stuff they can or need to accomplish and with that comes some successes and failures.

One success yesterday was finally getting to Harbor Freight yesterday to pick up a few of the free flashlights for my stocking stuffers. The coupon was in their ad a few Sunday's back, plus in the USA weekend that same Sunday. So I had several of the Q and definitely wanted to snag some for stocking stuffers. My mom predicted they would be completely out of the freebie.. but she was WRONG! We snagged 4 free flashlights.. (Quinn, and my grandma was also with us.. .4 people, since it was technically one per customer). I love freebies like this for the stockings... and will keep my eye out for more.

Actually I need to see how many more Qs, I have, they are technically good until sometime in Jan, so if I have a few extras I might snag some for next year's stockings too (its never too early, especially for freebies!!!).

The FAILURE I am sharing is all the baby goodies I discovered in a xmas box last night. I had 2 new little guys to visit with this week and I went out and bought the cute Bookman's onesies a few days ago (still super cute and really more practical), however, it was unnecessary when I had these cute xmas carter sets ready to go. Oh well.. this is why I need to have restraint after xmas when buying goodies. I am sure there won't be any new babies small enough for them next year. (I know mine will be too big by xmas next year!)

The CVS Xmas bibs will probably still be good for next year though, since they are the larger ones, not really for newborns anyway. Anyway, I guess you win some and lose some!


Precious December 23, 2009 at 9:35 AM  

Great idea on the flashlights! Hang onto to the baby clothes. Someone might have a baby during the year who can use them. You never know.

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