Frys (Kroger): Earn free airtime when shopping for groceries.

>> December 15, 2009

I-Wireless recently emailed me to let me know how buying groceries at Frys can help pay for you cell phone service. Basically you can earn 20 free minutes for every $100 in grocery purchases. I have seen a little bit of chatter about this program online recently and apparently its $100 pre-coupons...

So when those mega sales hit at Frys, its pretty easy to rack up lots of free airtime! You simply link up your cell phone number to your frys card and the minutes are added automatically as you earn them.

I have been intrigued by this loyalty program, although we are currently on a T-mobile Family Plan... However, when our contract is up soon, I will definitely consider this plan because I hate monthly fees! I can vouch for service or coverage, so I would love to hear from someone who actually uses i-wireless!

In addition, there is a special holiday offer of an additional 500 free minutes when you buy an i-wireless phone of $29.99 in store and register for their "Free Minutes" program.

And an even bigger bonus for those interested in purchasing a phone. Shortcuts (e-coupon program) has a $20 off Q for i-wireless phones right now. Sign up at Shortcuts for free electronic coupons (e-Qs) attached to your Frys card. Its easy to sign up and then "+add" Qs to your card. The coupons come off automatically when you check out!

Using this EQ, you can potentially buy a $29.99 phone- $20 EQ= for $9.99 and then register for the 500 minutes Holiday promotion. Plus continue to earn more free airtime as you shop at Frys!

Anyone with experience using i-wireless? I would love to hear about it!! I would consider the information research for future cell phone plan!


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