Monday Shopping: Albies and Walmart

>> December 07, 2009

3 Hefty Plates $1 each - $0.50 MQ= free
2 Ritz Crackers $2.50- $1 MQ= $1.50 each
Total $3.14 OOP

Plus my receipt had a survey coupon on it for a free reusable grocery tote or french bread. I always make sure I check my receipts for these surveys!!

I also ran into Walgreens to pick up my freebie 8X10 collage print from a week ago.. I am always late in picking them up!

I had to go to walmart to return a shower head that broke after we used it twice. It made Peter very happy to spend his time replacing the shower head.. and then to have to replace it again! We paid $25 for one at Walmart... luckily we were able to get a slightly better one (that hasn't broke yet) at ACE, thanksgiving weekend for $15 using the 50% any item under $30 from their ad.

Anyway... I noticed that the Leap Frog Junior books (a few at least) were reduced to $8 when we went to visit Santa last weekend, and I remember I had just randomly received a $5 Q in the mail for it! I wish I knew how I received it.. it was addressed to me and my mom didn't get one.. she often signs up for the same baby/kid stuff, so it wasn't through some freebie thing. Anyway... so we snagged this Cars leap Frog Junior book for $8-$5 Q= $3.49 total!!!
Not a bad day at Walmart!


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