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>> December 11, 2009

I actually had a bad run at Wags yesterday.. attempted to do some deal runs by myself with Quinn. The freebie deals right now are awesome, but complicated because you can't use the Register Reward from the same deal on another one, because a new RR will not print... This is how Wags works.. anyway.. in the end.. I walked out with nada, having them void my order... partially my fault for attempting complicated stuff with Q and partially the employees for being lame. :-)

Anyway... tried again today, my mom came along to play with Quinn in the toy aisle. These shops went well!!!

Store #1, Order #1
Police Toy Car $9.99- $4 Ad Q= $5.99
Stim-U-Dent $2
Scunci Hair clips $2
Just for Men $6.99
Neutragena Mens Lotion $4.99 - $2 MQ
1 Gift Sack $0.13 (with store Q)
-$10, $10 RRs
Total $1.89 on a gift card..
Earned $5 Holiday RR, $2 (stim-u-dent), $2 (scunci), $5 (neutragena), $7 (just for men)=$21 in RR... so net cost $0.89 which includes the toy car that I am saving for Quinn as a potty training reward...
Store #1, Order #2
Neutragena Mens Lotion $4.99
Scunci Hair Clips $2
1 Gift Sack $0.13 (with store Q)
-$7 RR
Total $0.70 on a gift card
Earned $5 (neutragena) + $ 2(scunci) RRs... so net cost was $0.70, which is reasonable for rolling my RRs and also getting some face sunscreen that DH can use.
Store #2, Order #1
Cyber Robot $9.99- $4 Store Q= $5.99
2 Gift sacks $0.13 each
Scunci Hair Clips $2
Neutragena Mens Lotion $4.99
Renu Twin Pack $9.99- $2.50 q
-$20 in RR (unfortunately it included a scunci RR... so I messed up)
Total $2.61 on a gift card.
Earned $5 Holiday RR, $10 RR (renu), $5 Neutragena.. BUT not a $2 for the scunci since I messed up and used scunci RRS on this order, which prevents a new one from printing.. may have to return those hair clips....
I spent $20 in RR, and received $20 RR back... so my only cost was the $2.61.. but that is high.. since I expected another $2 in RR..
Store #2, Order #2
Neutragena Mens Lotion $4.99
1 Gift Sack $0.13 (with store Q)
- $5 Holiday RR
Total $0.13 on a gift card
Earned $5 RR.. the reason for this, is that the Holiday RRs expire 12/19.. sooner than normal and are store Qs that can't be combined together on a big order.. unlike regular RRs. So just recycling the harder to use Holiday RR, to one that works better, plus snagged some more spf 20 face lotion for DH in the process.


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