New Years Eve Shopping!

>> December 31, 2009

I hit up some shopping today, one with Quinn before our park adventure and then the rest while he napped at the hotel with daddy, and grandma and papa....

4 Targets.. although one was a bust.. here is my haul:
(2) Little People $0.87 each (one santa and one mrs. claus!)
(2) Handy Manny See N Says $1.74 each
(1) Mr. People Die Cast Car set $4.99 (didn't see the sesame street ones anywhere.. but these are cute too)
(1) Bag of Marshmallow $0.19
(2) Christmas YoGaBaGaBa Books $1.79 each
(1) GI Joe set $2.24
(1) Holiday Playdoh set $0.99
(1) Hotwheel Holiday Pack $0.99
(1) Megablocks YoGaba set $1.24
(2) Weebles xmas sets $1.49 each
AND (1) Thomas Wooden train set (5 cars) $9.99 only half off.. not part of the 75% xmas stuff.. I had hoped... but still not a bad price... we will see if we keep it though...

So.. some of these are repeats from my purchases a few days ago and my moms... when we snagged stocking stuffers at 50% off... now we can return the 50% off ones....

My summary....
Quinn's Stocking:
1 Mr. People Die Cast set, Hot wheels set, and playdoh set for Quinn's stocking next year... for $7 total! (Not sure if I will save the yogabagaba books for then or not.. or just have them out now...)
#2's Stocking:
2 Little People, and Handy Manny see n say (maybe weebles.. not sure if my mom already had those for her house)... so either $3.50 ish or $5 ish depending upon the weebles...

Not bad for some cute stocking stuffers and I am done... plus the rest of the stuff is for the boy's stockings at my mom's house...

I came across a CVS near one Target, so I bopped in to grab some vitamins...
2 nature's bounty vitamin E $11.49 B1G1 - $5 IPs= $1.49 for BOTH
2 nature's bounty vitamin C $6.49 B1G1 - $3 IPs= $0.49 for BOTH
2 Disney Princess Gummy Vitamins B1G1 $6.99- $2 MQs= $2.99 for BOTH
+ 1 bag of M&M's (filler) $0.89 cause I was at a $0.03 negative subtotal...
- $5/20 CVS Q
Total $2.62 (with cali's 8.75% tax rate!!) on a gift card, earned $6 ECBS (natures bounty)

I had a $5 off Email Q burning a hole in my pocket.. stopped in to see what I could find and found these super cute frames...
80% off!!!
$3.59 each - $5 Email Q
Total $2.37 OOP!!!
$1.19 a frame is a smoking deal anyway.. I just can't believe they were originally $17.99!!! The mat is a denim.. and since we are having another boy.. each one can have a cute frame for their room!


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