"Quadruple" cash back on ebay purchases... Perfect Timing!!

>> December 08, 2009

So..hstanfi over at D-E-A-L-ish had the perfect blog post for me this weekend.. she gave detail instructions on earning "quadruple" cash back from ebay purchases...

The light bulb on our big sony TV went out Saturday Night.. (bummer!!!!). I checked Sony.com and of course they wanted $250 for the replacement bulb. So I started looking around (froogle) and found a couple places that sold just the bulb (without the housing) for about $150.. $100 off!!! Which was great!

However, I didn't buy it Saturday night, since I knew that it wasn't going to ship until Monday morning anyway. I wanted more time to double check prices and look for rewards/cash back to bring down the price.

Then along comes my savior, Hstanfi!!! Ebay has a TV bulb dealer that carried the model we needed for about $95!!!!!! With free shipping!!! So just going with ebay saved us some cash anyway. Then I used the "quadruple" reward cash back method detailed here...

I will end up with the following FOUR rewards:

  1. $19 back from Bing
  2. $2.85 Mr. Rebates (plus the $5 for signing up..since I was a new recruit)
  3. $1.90 from ebay (ebay bucks)
  4. Then... whatever i get from using my Disney Rewards credit card through paypal to make my purchase...(I am gonna guess about $0.94, cause I think its 1%.. pathetic I know)

Anyway.. ignoring my credit card rewards, I know I am earning $23.75 back!! Making my bulb purchase about $72!!!!

If you are going to make a big ebay purchase anytime soon... check out D-E-A-L-ish for detailed instructions!

Remember I also use the following reward sites when making online purchases too...



Precious December 8, 2009 at 5:10 PM  

Hi KC,

Thanks so much for the GC! I picked it up today at the PO. You are the best! :-) Great price on the bulb!You worked that deal to the MAX!

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