Review: Snoogle Total Body Pillow

>> December 20, 2009

Ok Pregnant Ladies! If you have trouble sleeping, you must try the Snoogle Total Body Pillow!!!
I was definitely skeptical of how well it work, and hate to buy specific products geared towards pregnancy unnecessarily. However, I was getting DESPERATE this week; I broke down and bit the bullet. (I am also 6 months preggo, so this might not be necessary until your have a big belly!)
I did a little research and found a couple different brands out there, but the most consistent in reviews has been the Snoogle, so that is what I bought!
I have used it several nights now and it is awesome!. I don't need any other pillows and I don't even have to rearrange the shape much if I switch sides. I just turn over and do a "slight" adjustment on the pillow ends and I am good to go. My biggest complaint with sleeping has been waking up, switching sides and then have to readjust all of my pillows to try and get comfortable again. Now when I wake up (which has been less often), I can quickly switch sides and get back to sleep without the exertion of moving 500 pillows!
I am waking up much more rested and feel so much better! Sleep is so essential to everyone, but especially pregnant mommies of toddlers!!!
Oh and no official disclosure is necessary. I went out on my own bought the pillow for $52.99 at BabiesRUs and I (GASP) had no coupons to use! However, it has been the best $50 I have spent in awhile!!


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