Staples Rewards: Don't let them expire!!

>> December 30, 2009

Ok.. for everyone out there that did the free backpack after staples rewards deal back in July, see my deal here; make sure you spend your rewards checks. My was set to expire 12/31/09!! I managed to snag a decent deal on a toner for my laser printer using it, a printer cartridge recycling reward and a Q from my email..

My order looked liked this:
Staples Toner $59.99

Duracell 20 pack batteries $12.99
-$20/50 Q
-$21 in rewards (for recycling 7 ink cartridges a few months ago)
-$25 in rewards (backpack purchase)
Total $7.51 with tax..

Not a bad price for the ink, which I will need sometime this year with all the coupon printing I do around here!!!

Plus, I received free next day delivery as well, because my order was $50+ (based on pre coupons and rewards)!

Plus I will get $12.99 back in Jan. for the batteries.. the batteries were on a rebate special for the past month, you could get 2 packs a week at $12.99 and earn back $12.99 in rewards for each one. I picked up one other pack right around black friday as well.. so I expect $26 in rewards in Jan.


Precious December 31, 2009 at 5:10 AM  

Gereat shop! I used mine a week or so ago to get DH the Lser Mouse that he had been wanting.

kc January 1, 2010 at 9:24 AM  

That is cool. I was watching for something else to buy and resorted to the toner, because nothing else popped up and I know I will need it at some point. Besides the coupon and battery rebate make it extra sweet!

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