Tuesday To Do List 12/1

>> December 01, 2009

  1. Dr. Appt for me and Quinnie booster Shot
  2. Make Registery at BRU with $10 gift card Coupon! - done
  3. Target exchange blanket
  4. Walgreens return toopaste thingy- done
  5. Donate stuff to goodwill
  6. Buy CVS e-gift card with bonus gift card
  7. Safeway - done
  8. Huge organizing day at moms
  9. Get xmas boxes from storage
  10. Organize pantry (last weeks purchases)
  11. Sort linen closet -must donate extra junk!
  12. Make dessert for sat xmas party
  13. Get 2nd exchange gift for sat xmas party

What are you trying to get done this week?


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