Albertsons: free paper products

>> January 18, 2010

I stopped in at Albies to use some of my $1.00/free Marcal paper product MQs. The 4 packs of TP, Kleenex boxes and single paper towels are all on sale for $1. This is in their monthly ad, so there is still a little bit of time to get over there.

8 packs of TP $1 - $1/free MQs= free
2 paper towels $1- $1/free MQs= free
2 lbs colby jack cheese $5.99 (already in the fridge)
I can't find my receipt..

I also put my name on a list to redeem my pots/pans stickers. I only have 85... enough for the smaller casserole pot thingy, it would have been nice to have snagged 5 more stickers, and had enough for the bigger stockpot. Oh well...

I should have paid attention more, I know my dad spent quite a bit there before xmas, but never asked for the stickers!! UGH! Anyway, either way the pans are in short supply and need to be redeemed by tomorrow.. which most likely means you will have to put your name on a list because most of the pots and pans are in short supply.


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