Albies: Cheap OJ and yogurt, plus more free paper towels!

>> January 25, 2010

We ran to the mall for some Quinn time in the play area this evening, its just too cold me to hang out at the park, particularly at dusk! Anyway, afterwards we stopped at albies and since Peter was with me... I did 2 orders

Order #1
6 Marcal Paper Towels $1 each - free MQs = free (there was lots more in stock again!)
12 albies yogurt 4/$1 (with ad Q)= $0.25 each
2 Donald Duck OJ $0.99 each (with ad Q) = $0.99
Total $5.35 OOP

Order #2
12 albies yogurt 4/$1 (with ad Q)= $0.25 each
2 Donald Duck OJ $0.99 each (with ad Q) = $0.99
Total $4.98 OOP

25 cent yogurt is about the best I can do, much better than a normal decent sale, so I was happy to stock up, peter eats it well and its a habit that I like to encourage! Plus cheap OJ is always good! The only issue, is albies is so annoying with their store ad Qs... they have to scan it for each item.. meaning the yogurt coupon 12 times and the oj coupon 2 times for each order... the computer doesn't automatically deduct the correct amount based on how many you buy.. plus they have to keep the Q and write something on each one. The whole process is annoying, and I am sure MORE annoying for the poor cashiers that have to do it. Anyway....


Eve January 25, 2010 at 11:51 PM  

Hi Kc :)

Is the Marcel PT on Sale or is this their Reg. Price? And how much are they each.

I'm getting low on PT and still have a few of the Marcels PT MQ's left.


BTW!! Great Job!


kc January 26, 2010 at 4:23 AM  

Hi Eve,

They have their tissue boxes, 4 pack of TP and Papertowels all on sale for $1 right now, I think through the end of Jan. Although I didn't double check the tags. I only have 6 more Qs, so I hope to "finish" them off tomorrow if possible. I have been checking between 2 stores, because sometimes they are wiped out, however, there was plenty last night!

Thanks, I was pretty happy with the run, the juice should last awhile and the yogurts a few weeks at least!

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