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>> January 12, 2010

I know it may seem early for xmas gift ideas, but many deal seekers know that planning is part of being frugal! I shared one idea yesterday, mostly because it is an idea you have to work on all year to find great deals. This idea is similar in the sense that you want to keep your eyes peeled for the photo gift deals all year as well...

The 2 main photo gifts I gave this year were a Photo Album and Photo Stamps of Quinnie.
I made the photo albums in August when CVS had them FREE after ECB, with a limit of 5!! It did take some time, to get the photos organized, but the CVS photo books are quite easy to make if you just go with the flow. I ended up using my mom's card as well on this deal so that I could make enough books. It was a great freebie that only cost me lots of time.. and that was mostly because I wasn't organized with my favorite Quinn photos; One reason to stay organized and on top of pictures all year!!!
The 2nd photo gifts I gave out were photostamps of Quinn.. Cute yet practical.. not another mug or something to collect dust (although I am sure the grandparents would have loved that as well). Anyway, this deal came up back in July, the photo stamp kits for 20 photo stamps went on clearance for $7.19 each, which is so cheap it is even below the value of 20 1st class stamps ($8.80). Normally the photo stamps kit cost $20 each, which while they are cute, are just ridiculous in price (at least for me to pay).... But the deal got better because you could use the gift code with photo stamps coupon codes.. so I ended up ordering 5 sets using only 3 codes with leftover money in my account (the leftover value of the gift certificate stays in your account online). So it worked out to under $4 (spent at walgreens using walgreens money, no real OOP cost!) for each set. Then I cut them into strips and gave everyone a variety pack of stamps, so they could enjoy 5 different pictures.

So the above the gift cost us less than $4 in walgreens money for both the photo book and 20 1st class Quinnie stamps!

The moral of my story, keep your eyes peeled for deals all year!!


Precious January 12, 2010 at 1:22 PM  

Two great ideas! Thanks!

kc January 13, 2010 at 10:06 PM  

I felt silly sharing so early, but that is the only way to plan!!

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