Are we crazy????

>> January 06, 2010

Ok.. so I have a fun little (CRAZY) xmas story to share, its called what happened on Christmas Day!

1) Mommy realized Daddy spent more money on the VERY few xmas gifts he was responsible than he should. Doesn't it defeat the purpose of finding deals and working my money saving magic if daddy is going to throw it out the window...

As a result...

2) We decided we needed to save money somehow to accommodate daddy's overspending, and the crazy idea was lets not use the heat and save on our electric bill, decision made, so....

3) We spend Friday (Christmas day) to Monday without any heat on in the house. Are we crazy?? Yes! Was it cold Yes! Were in danger of freezing?? No.. it is AZ after all..

So what do you think of my story? Crazy huh? Ok.. so maybe one part of the story isn't QUITE true.. can you guess what?????

Oh well.. #1 was all true.. daddy overspent a little, and we may have to be clearer about things next year, so there are no excuses...

UNFORTUNATELY #3 is ALSO TRUE!! UGH No heat for 3 1/2 days.....

What isn't true in my "fun" little story.. is the fact that we chose to turn off the heat...

What truly happened... our heat pump wouldn't turn on when we returned home from Grandma and Grandpa's house on christmas day. We have no clue when it stopped working, I am guessing sometime at night or early morning. We spent very little time at home christmas morning out of bed, since we were due for breakfast at 8 am. So we don't know if it was working when we left or not.. however, it was VERY clearly not working later in the day. And of course being Christmas day and then the weekend.... we had to wait until MONDAY for a repair person..

UGH! I do realize its AZ, but it was quite crisp in the house even with borrowed heaters, which were were afraid to leave on without direct supervision (we do have 2 dogs and a toddler after all)...

And of course the part about saving money by not using our heater is also untrue.. because we had a $340 repair bill for 2 visits and a new computer chip thingy for the heat pump. Yah for spending extra money on stuff we haven't planned!!

They actually couldn't install it until Wed.. but luckily the guys was able to "rig" the pump to by pass the relay/computer board thingy in the short-term (with no promises that it would work for even more than a few hours.. but it lasted 2 days at least!!).

Anyway, did you have any crazy, unexpected things happen over the holidays??


Teresa January 6, 2010 at 5:05 PM  

Hi Kc
My husband is the same way over xmas with money. Drives me crazzzy.
I actually dont like to use my heat. Although I have had to a few times. We have M Power so I can see how much power we use a day and I have been trying to keep it at 3 bucks or under a day in the cooler months.

Precious January 6, 2010 at 6:18 PM  

Hi KC,

How cold did it get there? I know it doesn't take much to freeze in AZ. UGH on the repair bills!

kc January 6, 2010 at 8:54 PM  

Hi Teresa,

I need my heat.. I am such a native, that I want it to be warm! Watching your power consumption like that must be neat though.. to see how cheap you can get it!

Hi Precious,
I don't remember how cold it was.. colder than it is today. It was only getting to the 60's for a high, so it was quite cold overnight.. maybe 30's? The first day it wasn't so bad.. but the house slowly started losing it's heat as the days went by, it was bitter in the evening and mornings.. anyway enough complaining for now. :-)

natalie January 6, 2010 at 9:44 PM  

Hello KC!

I am new to your blog. Love it by the way. As for crazy Christmas drama...My husband and i are currently living in Minnesota. We were able to wriggle up enough money to spend the holidays in Utah with my parents. We purposely went without gifts for one another in order to do so...while away, minnesota had a few blizzards come through and we were welcomed home to a driveway full of waste-deep snow. DH finally gave in (after surviving 1 year without one) and went to Lowe's to purchase a snowblower...Well, $700 later...we were actually able to get into our driveway. Wait, it gets worse...My DH forgot to ask for the 10% military discount they offer. Needless to say, I was sick to my stomach. However, I went into the store today, I told them he forgot to ask, they laughed, gladly gave me a price adjustment and i now have a gift card to Lowe's with a balance of $70 on it! At least I feel a little more at ease now :) So much for trying to save this Christmas!

kc January 6, 2010 at 10:01 PM  

Hi Natalie!

That is a crazy story, waist deep snow sounds insane and COLD! Of course Utah can also be cold... but does the snow get that deep there too? Anyway, well your $700 purchase makes me feel SLIGHTLY better about our heater repair.. of course again in AZ, some people can do with little heat. Touch gals like Teresa! :-)

Alas, I am not tough...

Thanks for sharing!!

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