CVS - Cheap Pepsi!

>> January 19, 2010

I plan on stocking up on diet pepsi this week at CVS, its pretty darn cheap and you can recycle your ECBS, to keep costs low.. this works great for me. Now I just need to make sure I can get over there a few times!

6 Pepsi 12 packs $20
-$5/20 CVS Q
-$15 ECB
$0 OOP!

Earned $10 ECBS back.. so it only "cost" me $5 ECBS, which is of course CVS $, not truly cash.. but even if you paid cash... $5 wouldn't be bad for 6 12 packs of soda!!!

Plus if you buy beer occasionally (at least) then there is the coors rebate you can submit for too, when you buy 18 pack or larger in coors and $20 or $30 in Pepsi/tostitos/dips/cups/plates/condiments. See the forms here. There are certain states that have no beer purchase requirements, but AZ is not one of them. Make sure you check out the details of each form! (Thanks to Frugalsuz for the link!)

I plan on doing the $30 rebate, and getting $15 back.. which should cover the beer purchase plus a few bucks (depending on the beer sale).. which works for me, free beer for Peter!


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