CVS: A necessity trip!

>> January 13, 2010

So.. again we are a bit under the weather around here (do I keep mentioning that)? Making me whiny, of course I am pregnant, so it sucks. I am just thankful that Quinn seems to be MUCH less affected by it. I am not sure what I would be doing if he was really sick.
Anyway, so after my dentist appt the other day (they didn't want me to cancel), isn't it like a dentist to torture you more!!!!!! Anyway I ran by CVS to grab a couple things of tylenol cold medicine (what my OB said I can take)...
I also found some 90% off xmas stuff.. here is what I did
2 Tylenol Cold $6.59 - $3/2 MQ= $5.09 each
2 Soy Joy boxes $6 each - $2/10 MQ= $4 each
2 Xmas paper $0.29 each
1 box of cute hallmark cards $0.40 (don't really need these usually cause we do picture cards, but seem like a good thing to have on hand in a pinch!)
1 mini snickers valentine treat.. mysteriously not pictured. $0.50
-$5/20 CVS Q
- $13.95 in ECBS
Total $.95 on a gift card...
Earned $12 ECBS back for the soy joy.. not a bad run for some necessary meds!


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