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>> January 14, 2010

I think its about time I put the links for e-coupons on the blog, I know other couponers use them very well regularly, but I ALWAYS forget to load them to my cards. Basically to utilize them you must sign up at a few different websites (because there are a few different programs out there) with your store card number and then go "load" or select the coupons you want on your card.

Cellfire allows you to add EQs (e-coupons) to your Frys and Safeway cards (for AZ folks, other parts of the country will have to sign up and see what stores are offered in their area, but I am assuming Safeway and Kroger affiliates). You do need to sign up with a cell phone number, even if you don't plan on using their cell phone coupon option. You use the cell phone number as your log in to add coupons to your store cards. However you can opt out of any text messages on your account, so it won't cost anything (text message charges) unless you choose to use this option.
New coupons are added every Tuesday (for most stores), so its a good idea to pop in and see what can be added to your cards. Sometimes you will see the same coupon become available again, which if you save it AGAIN to your card, you will have 2 discounts available for the same item. Generally you can only expect one of the e-coupons to apply for each "same" item in your order, i.e. you have 2 betty crocker frostings in your order and 2 e-Qs on your card. To ensure you get both discounts the frostings should be purchased separately.

However there are glitches in the eQ systems that sometimes allow more than one of the same eQ to apply to only one item... so there can be overage involved. It's not really something you can control or count on though, just a nice bonus if it happens.. and if it does, its usually at Safeway. :-)

Shortcuts - is another EQ website to load Qs to your Safeway and Frys cards. It is very similar to the above program, but its a completely different website, so an opportunity for different Qs!

Both Shortcuts and Cellfire have print coupon/grocery list options that allow you to bring a copy of your e-Qs to the store with you.. if you want to know what you have "loaded" on your card.

P&GeSaver - EQs specific to Proctor and Gamble products.

Frys EQs- Frys also has their own EQ site (its linked to their website).

Safeway EQs- Safeway also has their own EQ website (linked also to their store website).

I will post the EQ links on my side bar as well... maybe that will help me remember to check there before I got shopping!


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