Finally made it to a grocery store tonight... Frys-a biggish run...

>> January 12, 2010

1 Frys Mac and cheese 12 pack $3.99 (I hope they are as good as the blue box)
12 Powerade $0.59 each - B3G1 Free MQ= ~$0.45 each
3 Fuze drinks $0.98-$0.55 MQ= free (are these any good)
4 Big K 2 Liters $0.69 each
1 3lb bag of clementines $1.99
2 cans of corn $0.50 each
1 Kraft Mayo $3.72- free frys home mailer Q= free
1 Honeynut Cheerios $3.79 - free frys home mailer Q= free
1 Cheerios $3.99- free frys home = free
2 candy bars $0.50 each :-)
6 Kroger milk chocolate chips clearanced to $0.50 each
2 Florida Natural OJ $2.50 - $1 MQ= $1.50 each
1 Frys case of water $2.99
8 Crystal Lights $2.99 each - $2.00 wyb 100 calorie + crystal light = $0.99 each
8 Nabisco 100 Calorie packs $2.50 each - $2/2 IP= $1.50 each
(Basically $2.50 for each set of Crystal light and nabisco calorie packs, not I earned a $3.00 OYNO for the nabisco.. so factoring that into it.. its actually $2.24 for each set.. .. that is a pretty darn good price for just the crystal light alone much less when you factor in a 100 calorie snack pack.. great or quinnie snacks on the run!!)
- $25 Frys RX credit, basically figured I would use it to stock up on peach tea crystal light which is big in our house!!

Total $23.46, although I was over charged for an extra cracker.. (which took me an hour to figure out.. ughh!!!) = will get a refund.. so really my total will be $20.96 + the $3 OYNO to spend... not a bad deal...

Plus do you see the nice roast in the picture? My brother/g-friend bought one today at Frys.. and they were B1G1 free.. so they gave us one.. nice huh??


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