Frugal Ramblings 1/17

>> January 17, 2010

This week has been fairly productive and successful for frugal-ness.... even though I did spend quite a bit at Target on toys!

  • Hit Target's 75% off Toy Clearance- Managed to get b-day/xmas done for my boys, plus a couple b-day gifts and even more xmas gifts for all the little ones we buy for. After returning a few things, selling a few things to relatives and picking up one last thing on Saturday, my grand total stands at $180, however I am essentially done for the year. Now when the July Toy clearance comes around, I will extremely selective, and not quite as desperate to make sure I hit the sale! Spending $180 now, for $720 worth of toys, allows us to buy nice gifts without breaking the bank!!

  • Speaking of Target I also snagged 3 pairs of shoes for Quinn for $12.13 (although paid all with gift card funds, so no true OOP cost!), I try to bop in the shoe department periodically to see if any shoes are being marked down. I much prefer to stock up on shoes at 75% off, rather than pay full price!

  • I used my $2.78 in ebay bucks to buy a car charger for my phone. Something I never want to pay OOP for, honestly I think they should just come with the car chargers! I have had the phone for almost a year and there have been times a car charger would have been nice. I decided to "splurge" and blow my ebay bucks balance on a charger. :-) Luckily I found one for $2.58 with free shipping (slow shipping of course)... but heck, no OOP cost for me!

  • I stocked up on 12.5 lbs of ground turkey at safeway this week for $1.19/lb! I just need to re package it into 1lb sections and vacuum pack them so they last better in the freezer! I am glad i passed on the $1.67 ground beef this week!

  • I ordered a BOGO Huggies Q from Recycle bank (I had previously snagged the $1.00 coke coupons which I have been using this week!), is another way to snag more reward points for RecyleBank. See my post here about it!

  • Oh and I managed to spend last monday clearing out my expired inserts to make room in my filing cabinet. I also spent some time in my office, soon to be 1/2 nursery organizing and cleaning. We really need to get in gear in here, because I just hit my 3rd trimester and you never know how you will feel.. I don't want to get behind the 8-ball and not be super prepared for Quinn's little brother!!

  • I order (2) more $5 Amazon gift certificates with my Swagbucks. If you haven't joined, now would be a great time to get started! Start savings for next christmas! I was able to buy $100+ in gifts for xmas, plus i had already splurged on one b-day gifts and a few super hot, cheap magazine deals earlier in the year! Free, beats super cheap, every day of the week!! :-) It's easy, just search using swagbucks instead of google and you will periodically earn Swagbucks. Its free, and easy! I have to re-double my efforts to make sure I get in and searched at least once a day. I need to build my amazon funds back up!!!


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