Frys- Tuesday Night

>> January 19, 2010

The boys and I ran to frys after dinner, so I could grab the few things I wanted from the ad...
(5) healthy choice meals $2.19 each - $5/5 IP- $5 EQ (frys EQ) = $0.19 each
(5) Healthy choice little pizzas clearanced to $1.64 each - $5/5 IP = $0.64 each
(8) La Victoria Salsa $2 each - $4/2 IPs= free
(4) Starkist Tuna pouches $1 each - $1 IPs= free
Frys Ketchup $1
(2) Sour cream $0.88 each
(2) Cottage cheese $0.88 each
Cookies (splurge cause we are bad) $2.50
Total $ 11.17 OOP
I tried to get 3 free mixers with the free HC mixer MQ wyb 3 HC meals.. (and I bought 10), but the computer wouldn't allow with my $5 IPs for the meals.. so this caused a bit of a fiasco.. cause this frys is tiny and small and always crowded in the evening.. so with a long line behind me, the cashier (a manager/supervisor) tried to reverse the free MQs for the mixers, but that didn't work right.. so she had to void the whole order and ring everything up again.. UGHHH.. anyway... I still got some great deals, but the extra 5 minutes to check out sucked!


Milloy Family January 19, 2010 at 9:48 PM  

Oooh! Clearanced Healthy Choice pizzas? I'm so jealous! I think I might stop into my Fry's and see if I can scrounge up and clearanced Healthy Choice meals. Good job today at Frys & Target. You are a machine! :)

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