Fun, Creative Shopping Idea for a XMAS Present...

>> January 11, 2010

This idea was borrowed from Precious @ FrugalMakesCents. She did this for Xmas 2008.. and shared the idea, so I was able to work all year on it for XMAS 2009! I am sharing, in case anyone wants to repeat this XMAS 2010!

Basically, its my attempt at being creative.. (which i am not really) and it involves shopping... a creative shopping idea with all usable stuff! I definitely didn't want to focus on random stuff that might collect dust, so its all usable..

Anyway, basically its a gift bag (I collected reusable grocery store totes for my gifts) or gift basket (as precious did) with napkins, plates, etc for every holiday. I started collected after Christmas last year, attempting to gather paper products (mostly) after each holiday when I could find them on sale. I loved finding them at 90% off, but was pretty happy with 75% off or bought at Walgreens or CVS where I could buy them without spending any actual real CASH! It took some searching, some holidays there was hardly anything left to buy afterwards, but I managed to pull it off. It was a fun, usable and reasonably priced gift that I made for several people!!

So this is what was in most of my bags..
Plates AND/OR Napkins for each holiday, plus I was able to find some extras for certain people that directly applied to them. For example, I sent one to one of my best friends and I had actually found real tea towels from crate and barrel with their Last Initial monogrammed on them for a great price, so I threw it in her bag with the rest of the stuff! A few other random things like that as I came across them while shopping, thinking about keeping costs down and keeping in mind who I was making the bags for....

I wanted to focus on goodies that were consumable, and that could be enjoyed but not a burden to keep and store. I think they turned out pretty good and of course everyone received the reusable grocery store type tote to use for whatever they want!!

I want to Thanks Precious for the idea, it was fun to creatively shop for and give!


Precious January 11, 2010 at 1:06 PM  

I am sos glad that you had fun doing it. I had a blast when I did mine!

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