Great News! Laptop is back and pictures saved!!

>> January 22, 2010

Great news for me, my brother miraculously was able to save my pics and format/fix my laptop... he sectioned off the bad chunks of the hard drive, which maybe a permanent fix (if those are the only bad ones) or temporary if more continue to fail. However, the best part was my pictures were saved and I am back and running on the laptop for now!

I plan on picking up a 2nd external hard drive (that runs on USB only) really soon that way its more convenient for me to backup my pictures! Hopefully I get my staples rewards check for the 2 packs of "free after rewards" batteries I bought recently, I think that will be like $26! That would be a good size chunk of $ towards an external drive.

So I haven't been shopping or anything today, but I did get 2 more free mags in the mail to add to my bookmans pile (which hopefully will get traded in this weekend) and also a coupon for a free bag of Stacy's pita chips (totally a surprise, as I didn't remember signing up for that one) and a Q for a free digorno 200 calorie pizza (+ another one for $1.5o off).. not a bad little mail call!

Hopefully, we can have a busy and productive weekend.. we have quite a bit of stuff we SHOULD get done around here! :-)


Precious January 22, 2010 at 4:09 PM  

I am so glad that he was able to fix your laptop. Lets hope it fixes it for a while.

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