Laptop on the Fritz and some fun giveaways to enter!

>> January 21, 2010

Ughhh my laptop is on the fritz and the bad news (coming from my brother) is that the hard drive is dying, the REALLY bad news, is that I haven't backed up my pictures in a LONG, LONG time.. i have been trying to get back in and copy the pictures over.. but I swear I am being punished! Hopefully my brother will help me again, and figure out a way to get me into it long enough (before freezing) to get the pictures transferred....

Anyway, I do have a desktop to use back in the office, but its kind of a pain, particularly with Quinn back in there with me. However, I figured I should still try and get a few things done today, so while I am procrastinating, I thought I would share some contests I have recently entered...

  1. Great Cereal Giveaway - Enter to win free boxes of cereal every month for a year! Thanks Jane4girls. Who couldn't use cereal!
  2. TurboTax Software @ NonConsumerAdvocate. It's time to start working on your taxes!
  3. WALKING WITH DINOSAURS! (tucson contest) From KGUN9. This looks like something fun to take Quinn to!
  4. Britax Frontier Booster! @ BabyBix. This one ends FRIDAY, so act quickly. I would love to win this, we need another carseat for #2, and I have been watching for deals on another Marathon, however if we won this seat, I could move Quinn to the new seat and let #2 have his Marathon!
  5. $35 Jiffy Lube Certificate @ Cha Ching Queen. This one would be perfect timing with our recent vehicle upgrade (new to use explorer!!)

Have you entered any good contests lately? I would love to know and join in!!


Precious January 21, 2010 at 11:59 AM  


I sure hope you don't lose youe pictures. Thats would be the most devastating thing that could happen to me.

Teresa January 21, 2010 at 3:02 PM  

Hi Kc
I am pretty sure you have bought tickets for disneyland through get away today. If so how do you find a promo code? Have you been happy with get away today? And the $300 worth of discounts you get when you book, is that anything good?

Kyle and Melissa January 21, 2010 at 3:49 PM  


Thanks for the info on the Walking with Dinosaurs contest, I just entered it. I have been wanting to take my kids to see this show for a long time. I heard it was amazing!

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