Late Monday Night: Finally home.. and a quick run out

>> January 05, 2010

I was just gonna run out and grab some milk, but a friend volunteered to check out Target with me.. so DH couldn't complain too much about me going there by myself...

My target was only 75% off still... (meaning it must be 90% off on Tuesday, since it seems like 1/2 the stores went 90% on Monday and the other half should be Tuesday)..

Anyway, they still had a tiny xmas section and I spied a couple deals worth going back for in the morning!

2 packages of oreos $0.69 each!
1 robot baby outfit $2.24... not that I need a ton of clothes, but I couldn't pass up the set at 75% off since we are doing a robot theme for #2.
1 belt on clearance for $6.98 ... not sure if I am keeping it, I need to try and get my new maternity pants to shrink.. they fit OK, but as I walk need to be pulled up.. the waist is SLIGHTLY too big, enough to be super annoying. Doesn't it seem silly that I am pregnant and need a belt??

Total $11.35 OOP

Then I stopped in a at Wags since I wanted to try the meter deal and grab some milk
1 Contour Meter $14.99- MQ= free
1 Breeze meter $14.99- MQ= free
2 Chips Ahoy $0.99 each (on sale) $1.98 total
2 gallons milk $1.99 each
- $5 RR
$3.39 Total on a gift card
RR Earned $2 (chips ahoy, so they are free!!), $5 (contour), $5 (Breeze) and $3 (for buying both meters together!!).

The extra $3 RR for buying both meters is super sweet, totally covers tax on them (since we pay tax on pre coupon prices here in AZ), so I can truly say each meter is a $5 profit!!


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