Monday Errands

>> January 11, 2010

Well.. We are again under the weather around here.. a cold or something seems to have hit both Quinn and I.. We are hoping daddy doesn't get it!

Despite of this.. we had to run a few errands today, I did accomplish the following:
  1. MVD- Title and License for THIS!!!
  2. Post Office- (mobile truck location that I love!!) to mail a couple special letters and package.
  3. Mall- 2 different returns + we had a quick lunch and some play time for Quinn!
  4. Walmart- a return and picked up a few essentials, I did grab a couple more snuggle fabric softener sheets for free with the last of my $2 MQs
  5. Goodwill- Dropped off some donations

Then at home today....

  1. 3 Large load of Laundry- We were behind because we had the ink incident last week. We tried multiple things and the nail polish remover worked best.. although it was so toxic, we only did bits and pieces at a time and the dryer drum is still stained... but it appears to not rub off anymore....
  2. Unloaded and Loaded the Dishwasher
  3. Made Taco Soup for dinner! Same recipe, but I used 4 cups of water, and black beans this time, plus sauteed most of medium onion and a red bell pepper 1st for more veggies in it!
  4. Worked on filing away inserts for the past few weeks and threw out old inserts (see picture above... my filing cabinet is VERY happy with me right now!) using the PYP list.


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