More Target Finds

>> January 07, 2010

A few more Target finds to report....
Star Wars Xmas Stocking 90% OFF @ $0.99
Wonder ball (for my mom's stocking for Quinn) 90% off $0.89
Tennis Shoes 75% off $4.98 (debating on these... they are 2 sizes bigger than Quinn is in now, but I do like to keep ahead on shoes with him)

Chocolate Calender 90% off $0.29
Set of dinner knives 90% off $1.49 (found in a huge basket of returns yesterday morning... hoped to find more goodies, but was stoked to find these, because we are always running out of regular knives around here.. .its a little funny to be spreading PB with a steak knife!)
YoGaba Block Set $0.49 (already returned with 75% off receipt, for my mom's stocking for Quinn)

We also took some time to check out the Target Toy clearance which should start within the next few weeks.. well it has started.. most are 30% off, with a few at 50% off. Of course I wait to snag the 75% off deals! A few things caught my eye and I noticed in particular that the variety of toys at each store varies greatly!


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