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>> January 17, 2010

So I only looked in the clearance sections.. and actually were all quite small for little ones and maternity in both stores (actually only one store has maternity)... the women's section in both stores seem quite large.

I ended up with matching jammies and xmas shirts for the boys, 2 onsies, a shirt and set of pj's for #2, another cute shirt for a gift, 1 maternity dress (may or may not keep... not a big dress wearer), 1 maternity top, and 4 tank tops in LARGE, hopefully they will be stretchy and long enough to cover my belly.. they didn't have any in maternity that would work for me.. anyway, I also did 2 price adjustments on previous purchases, factoring that in.. I ended up with a total of 15 items for only ~$16.xx WITH tax.. so really under $1 an item.. I also used a 25% off Q from the oldnavyweek.com website!

I don't know how long the extra 50% off clearance will last, for sure through sunday and maybe through monday since its a holiday... after that who knows! If you have time, it might be worth your while to check it out!

On our to-do list is to sort through the baby stuff we saved from Quinn.. to see where we are at for his little brother.. we lack storage around here, and in fact have some stuff farmed out to the grandparent's houses.. so Peter grabbed the 2 bins of little baby stuff we had saved. Now I need to evaluate and organize it.. figure out where we are at!


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