Quick Safeway Run 1/18

>> January 18, 2010

The boys and I hit the park for a little slide action, then I forced them to stop by safeway so I could do a quick run...

6 Healthy Ones Lunch Meat BOGO @ $2.99- (6) $0.55 MQs= $0.50 each
2 Oscar Mayer lunch meats $0.25 each (yup.. marked down to a quarter and these must have been a mistake.. they had quite a bit of marked down lunch meat, all with sell or use by dates in the next few days, but these were mid Feb! I think the meat guy got a little crazy with his mark down stickers and didn't pay attention!!)
6 Quaker Rice Cake $1- $0.75 MQs= free
1 Sara Lee Bagel $2
1 18-ct eggs $0.99 (with ad Q)
Total $6.46 on a gift card!

Plus I snagged a rain check for the 8-pack of yoplait yogurt.


Anonymous,  January 19, 2010 at 7:05 PM  

Which Safeway do you shop at? I am in Oro Valley but I get out to Marana once a week. Thanks Carmen
c64g@yahoo.com I appreciate all your great finds :)

kc January 19, 2010 at 7:18 PM  

Hi Carmen,

I actually usually ship at ina/oracle.. but honestly its my least fave store, it just happens to be closest to me. (I am near the foothills mall). I sometimes get over to the one on thornydale near Mt. View high school. If we are out visiting the in laws, I like to hit the one at twin peaks and silverbell.. and I have been up to the one at Rancho Vistoso a few times, they seemed pretty friendly!

I am glad I can help! :-) It's nice hearing about locals reading! And you are about as local to me as they get!! :-)

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