Quick Safeway Trip

>> January 14, 2010

We stopped at Safeway while we were checking a couple Targets' progress on their probable toy clearance...

I needed to pick a RX that I transferred to use the $30 gift card Q from their ad last week. So I grabbed some milk and potatoes which we needed today!!
No picture, milk in the fridge, potatoes in the pot!

(2) gallons milk $2.19 each - $0.50 IP = $1.19 each
1/2 gallon chocolate milk $2.49 - free IP= free
5 lb bag of potatoes $1.49
Total $3.87 on a safeway gift card!!

I do plan on doing a large order this weekend, when they have their Jennie-O ground turkey for $1.99. I have a $5/50 coupon from the entertainment book I plan on using and since I will be stocking up on turkey, I will be able to get my total up to $50!


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