Safeway, CVS and Walgreens.. A good run!

>> January 23, 2010

CVS, store #1
Order #1
6 Diet Pepsi $20
-$5/20 CVS Q
-$15 ECBS
Total $0 OOP!
Earned $10 for pepsi... so a $5 loss in CVS funds, but still a great deal.. $0.83 a 12 pack! Plus its CVS $ money anyway, so no OOP cost anyway!!!

Order #2
1 Coors Light $12.99 (for coors rebate and to keep DH happy)
2 Oust Sprays $3.99 each - B1G1 MQ= $3.99 for both
2 fast breaks (they were clearance, had to splurge)! $0.45 each
-$5/20 CVS Q
-$12 ECBS
Total $1.87 on a gift card!
Earned $6 ECBS (oust), so a net "loss" of $7.87 in CVS funds for this order.. but Peter will enjoy the beer and will use it for the coors rebate!

Store #2
6 diet pepsi 12 packs $20
-$5/20 CVS Q
-$14 ECBs
Total $1 on a gift card
Earned $10 ECBS, again.. $5 loss in cvs funds for 6 12 packs.. a great deal!

Order #1
4 Tostitos $2.50 each
10 Gatorade $1 each - $1/2 MQs = $0.50 each
-$15 in RR
Total $0 OOP
Earned $10 RR spending $20 pepsi products...

Order #2
2 Wet Ones $2 each - $1.50 IPs= $0.50 each
Total $1.32 on a gift card
Earned $1 RR

(I would have bought everything in one order.. but they only had one on the shelf, so I asked for a rain check, which of course requires a manager who always manages to find stock in the back... so I had to wait for a manager to come up, then go to the back to look and bring them back up.. then I went to check out, which of course now there is a a line of several people, so I check out with the beauty advisor, and my $1 RR doesn't print... so we have to call the manager again.. Yah! Fun times.. 2 different registers didn't print the RR... but then randomly while this is happening my RR FINALLY prints at the beauty counter.. talk about 5 minute delay! Anyway.. it all worked out in the end, except that I was expected at home already....

Now with my CVS pepsi purchases and tostitos at walgreens.. I should be good to go on the Coors Rebate for my mom and me! of course we need to buy the beer too, but I did get one tonight and will have to see if my mom has bought any beer lately that would work.. otherwise I will have to work another deal for more beer at home.

Order #1
4 softsoap $0.88 each - $0.35 MQs= free
2 Lever $0.88 each - $1 IPs, only one would scan.. I think because the Qs were over the price of the item.. the register said exceeded value too.. but now that I am here at home I realize the Qs were for 4-packs, anyway, I will return the 2nd pack since I didn't need them, only wanted to stock up if they were free.
4 Fruit Snacks $1 each (wyb in groups of 4) = $0.40 IP= free
1 blueberries $1
Total $1.54 on a gift card (but will get a refund on the one soap for 0.88)
Earned a $2.50 for the 4 fruit snacks..

Order #2
4 softsoap $0.88 each - $0.35 MQs= free
2 fruit snacks $1 each - $0.50/2 IP= $0.50 each
2 fruit roll ups $1 each - $1.00/2 IP - (2) $0.50 Eqs= free
1 Kix $2 (wyb 4 cereal) - 0.50 MQ- $0.55 EQ = $0.45
2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch $1.50 each (wyb 4 cereal) - $1 IPs- .55 EQ = $0.45 for BOTH!
1 Multigrain Cheerios $2 (wyb 4 cereal) - $0.75 Mq- $0.55 EQ= $0.45
1 blueberries $0.99
1 pack sandwich rolls (splurge for DH) $2.89
-$2.50 OYNO (from 1st order)
Total $3.82

Earned another $2.50 OYNO (fruit snacks)

Free soap and cheap ceral is very nice!

I plan on going back a few times for the fruit snacks deal, Buy 4 for $4, use .50/2 or $1/2 IPs or MQs, pay $2 and earn $2.50 back, so a money maker! I plan on throwing in thing of blueberries each time and just rolling the catalina for free fruit snacks and cheap fruit!


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