Saturday Errands.. staples and bookmans

>> January 23, 2010

Peter was headed to lunch midtown with his dad, so I had him run a few errands to conserve on gas.

1st stop: Bookmans & bag full of stuff = $15 trade credit!
2nd stop: The credit union for some bank business
3rd stop: Staples (see picture above)
They FINALLY were having a grand opening for this new store (that opened several months ago) and had a few decent deals. My FIL wanted a few things, and I sent peter to snag 5 reams of paper at $1.99 each, plus he used a 10% Q they had mailed me.. which covered the tax. He used a $10 rebate debit card we had so $0 OOP for us!

And they let him pick up my "free" sharpie order from Nov. I had it shipped to the store for free and not been by to pick it up yet. Supposedly only the person ordering it, can pick up orders with state issued id... but they had no problem letting him pick it up, just signed for it. Which is fabulous, because I couldn't justify the time/gas to go pick the order up, when we had no reason to drive that way.... anyway, love the freebies!!!

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