Saturday Frys Mega Run

>> January 30, 2010

We had to drop off the work truck for a much needed oil change, so afterwards we hit up a slightly out of the way Frys to do a Mega run, a nice big family trip. This store is quite a bit nicer than the one I normally go to and was hoping that they would have everything I wanted in stock (like electrasol) and they did! It was a fairly quick trip, and self checkout was open and easy for me. Although having the cashier scan my Qs, always adds to the time, but they have to do that in a regular line anyway.

So this is what we got... (all prices are after the $5 discount wyb 10 participating items.. so $0.50 less)

3 Ritz Crackers $1.99- $1 MQ= $0.99 each

4 Deluxe Mac and Cheese $0.99 each - $3/4 tearpad Q (from albies)= $0.24 each!

4 Philly Cream Cheese tubs $0.99 each - $3/4 tearpad Q (from albies)= $0.24 each!

4 Kraft shredded cheese $1.49 each - $3/4 tearpad Q (from albies)= $0.74 each!

3 Electrasol $2.99 - $2.50 MQs= $0.49 each! yes used the last ones up.. they expire tomorrow.. so it was making me nervous!!

6 Sobe $0.49 each - 3 B1G1 IPs = $0.03 overage total!

2 Claussen Pickles $2.49 -$1 IP= $1.49 each, not super cheap, but our fave kind of pickles and we wanted a splurge! :-)

4 La Victoria Salsa $1.49 each - $4/2 IPs= $0.51 overage each!

6 Hormel Turkey Chillis $0.79 each - $55/2 MQs= $0.29 each

3 Hormel Master Chilis $0.79 each - $0.50 MQs= $0.21 overage each!

2 Frys sour cream $1.18 each (not part of mega sale)

1 Quaker rice cake thingy $0.49 (I had a $0.75 catalina Q, but it wasn't scanning for her..and it looks like she missed it on my receipt...)

Total $14.89 OOP! Not bad even with the missed Quaker Q!


Milloy Family January 30, 2010 at 5:58 PM  

Thanks for the heads up on the La Victoria salsa overage! I will definitely be heading to Fry's before the mega sale ends. Thanks!

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