Target 90% off!!

>> January 05, 2010

I was a good girl.. and went to my drs. appt BEFORE going to Target... I was so tempted to cancel and change it for another day... but I didn't... I had an 8:30 appt, and of course we were about 10 minutes late (quinn was sleeping in...) but we still managed to be over to Target by 9:05! (It was just a quick check up for me and the babe).

I combed the store twice, with a very cooperative Quinn.... He was munching on his breakfast of kix and milk (since he basically got up and dressed and immediately went with me to my appt). So he sat in the basket the entire time.. normally wants to walk and wander the whole time.

Anyway it was 90% off.. and not hit much harder than I had seen last night.. not that there was a ton of stuff left.. but still quite a few xmas cards and xmas bulbs among other misc items..
I grabbed
6 oreos @ $0.27 each
4 Larget gift bags @ $0.29 each
1 box of cards @ $0.69 (friend bought them at 75% off last night.. so she can return those ones)
1 GIJoe Holiday $0.89 (for Quinn's stocking at my moms)
2 Mr People Die cast sets (found these in toys last night and they were still there today!!) $1.99 each (can't believe these were $20 full price!!!) - one for Q's stocking and another for a little friend of his next year.. nice little xmas gift
6 Scotch Tap $0.19 each - (2) $1.50/3 IPs= ~$1.75 in overage!!
Total $7.12 on a gift card

I would LOVE to check out another store later today, but I would need some help with Quinn.. not sure he would LOVE to go again. :-) I do need to get back and do some returns of stuff at 50% and 75% of duplicates... will have to recalculate my total xmas Target totals after I do all the returns!!


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