Target baby score for me!!! Baby Trend Deluxe Tandem Stroller 50% off!!

>> January 27, 2010

Look what I scored for 50% off! Its actually a double tandem stroller, but the back seat removes to make it a sit and stand type stroller!

I have been stalking craigslist for a sit & stand for a while, hoping to score one for about $50 to use while #2 is in his infant carrier (cause they can pop into the front seat, infant carrier and all!). Anyway, the best I have really seen has been $75 for a used one and never in a convenient part of location for me to check it out. I was really hoping to get something for $50.. but this is almost as good!

This one was $84.98 (normally $169.99)! And I figure I should be able to get $75 back on it from craigslist, since that seems to be the going rate for one...

Anyway, the best part of my crazy find is the luck involved in getting it. The big baby stuff hit 50% off this week (generally monday) at Target. Most of the clearance gets snatched up really fast (the smaller items, blankets and such should be at 75% off, but of course it varies by store). Anyway, I just happened to read about someone finding this particular stroller at 50% on Tuesday, so I did a little research on the DPCI (upc sort of code for target) and used their website to find out if there was any availability at local targets. Of course none of the 3 stores we usually shop at had any left.. and only a couple stores across town listed "Limited availability" which really is no guarantee. However, I sat here debating how I could justify driving across town on a whim to see if I could snag possibly one of these strollers.... then I realized one of my friends is often out and about around town for various jobs, so I quickly texted her to inquire if and when she might be near one of these stores.. hoping in the next few days. Oddly enough, her job time had just been pushed back an hour or so and she was about to WALK into one of those targets right then to kill some time... Seriously, I couldn't believe my luck.. so I gave her info and she found one for me!!!!! In fact she realized after she found it, there was actually 2 there, but one was in a pretty beat up box. Anyway... I feel so lucky that we were able to score this deal and I didn't have to do excessive driving that might have been fruitless!!!

If you want to check local stores for this item.. using the online feature, click here. It's not 100% full proof, but it does give you an idea on stock availability!! As of right now, it shows limited availability at the Broadway and Irvington stores for any locals.. (El Con is where my friend found mine.. and it shows out of stock now..)

A big thanks to LYNN, for helping me score this deal!!!!


Teresa January 28, 2010 at 10:20 AM  

I have the same stroller and I love it. My only complaint is to get the back part off then on again was a major pain.
When I take my oldest to preschool him and my "baby' ride their bikes. When we walk home I put both their bikes in the back of the stroller and my "baby" will sometimes sit in the front.
I paid around 150 so u did get a great deal!

kc January 28, 2010 at 10:41 AM  

Hi Teresa! Great news, thanks for the information! I actually plan on just keeping it set up one way, most likely without the seat, unless we have a big outing that requires more shade/seating for Quinn. I only plan on keeping it until #2 is out of his infant seat because I actually have another stroller that I think is easier to use.. It can accomdodate 2, just not one in an car seat (at least its not recommended)... anyway, thanks for letting me know your experience, I am so excited by the find!!

Lynn January 29, 2010 at 8:31 AM  

No problem KC, it was an awesome find and I was glad I was there at the store already when you called! Crazy luck!

Wheat January 29, 2010 at 2:50 PM  

I also have this stroller and love it! We bought it new cuz it was the one we wanted and there were none to be found on Craigslist. It's very bulky in the back of my SUV though. We have two very nice umbrella strollers (with baskets and shade and reclining) that we use when there is both of us, but when it's just me I take this stroller and it works wonderfully! Good find!

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