Target Find 11/14

>> January 14, 2010

I happen to glance over at the 75% off patio stuff today as we walked out through the garden center and these caught my eye... I grabbed 2 of them $24.98 each. They are shade sails for making a shaded area outside. We had looked into buying them through last year, and never did. I am hoping these will work for our side, play yard. Peter has been wanting to make a few changes with the trees in there and put up a shade, and this time of year would be best...
Hopefully, we can make them work with our yard.. would be some nice shade for $50!
We checked 2 targets... before noon and neither had gone 75% in toys.. scoped out some more ideas, just hoping I can get most of what I want tomorrow when I assume it will be marked down!


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