Target Toys are 75% off!!

>> January 15, 2010

So we hit up 3 stores this morning and did fairly well.. details below....
My favorite find is the kitchen above for $25! I am saving that for Christmas, a Santa gift to both boys!!!

I had a little drama finding it.. I knew there were 5 at the 2nd store we hit.. but we didn't get there until after 9am! Then I breathed a sigh of relief, they were still on the end cap near camping with the 30% off sign.. but then the target guy who scanned it for my mom said it was only 1/2 off... UGH. I was frustrated... had her check with another employee who said the same thing.... I decided to grab it since I was obsessing.. and low and behold. it rang up 75% off at the register. I had seen other people snag it online at 75% off, so I was a little frustrated that it could only be 50% off.. but I lucked out!! What a fabulous big gift for the boys! And it isn't a girlie kitchen!!!

You can check out the rest of my 75% off finds below.. I also have 2 things already to return.. so after my refunds of about $27... I will have spent about $207 (with tax on all this).. but I am ALMOST completely set for my boys xmas, quinn birthday and then of course all the other little ones we buy b-day or xmas gift for!!!!

I will do a little more reevaluating to make sure I don't want to return a few more things and make a good list of what I snagged for each kid and then I have to find hiding places for all of it!!

I also found this Talking Thomas Train thing... It was hiding in a cabinet when I took a picture, it gets talking and keeps going and going.. I was afraid it would wake up Quinn, so I left it in there.


Renee Richins January 15, 2010 at 10:46 PM  

Good job! Looks like a lot of really nice toys. I would have loved to find that Fisher Price Castle. I didn't see any of those even at 50% off. I went to one Target in Tucson and an employee was marking things down just as I got there around noon, so I had to wait a while. I did get a few things I wanted, so it was fun.

kc January 16, 2010 at 7:29 AM  

Hi Renee,

Ina had like 10 of those particular sets yesterday morning.. I am not sure now though. I wanted that one, plus a more "boy" one that was like a race track or airprot little people thingy, but I think they only had one of the other kind. And while we were there right at 8, literally 2 minutes after... some lady already had 2 cart fulls, so I am sure she got it. Other than that and this magentic/lego type kit thing for older boys that I missed (again only one I saw before) I found everythign I wanted... Plus I found "replacement" toys for those 2 gifts.. so it worked out ok. I actually have a couple things to return, which I am hoping other people do to, so I will be popping back into my Target this weekend to double check in case anything good pops up!

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