Thomas Trains: Great Warranty and Customer Service Experience!!

>> January 31, 2010

The Replacement Trains!

The Defective Train

I wanted to share my recent experience with Learning Curve (which makes the Thomas Train stuff) regarding a warranty issue. Quinn has had a few Thomas trains for awhile now, but just recently received a train table for Christmas along with some additional Thomas trains. Anyway, while in San Diego, Quinn received a 5-pack from one of my best friends for Christmas.. which included a Henrietta train (all the trains have their own names..). I noticed within a just a few days, a big chunk of the wooden top was "shaved" off. I am guessing some sort of defect in the wood caused it, because Quinn is only 2 and doesn't play rough with his toys, not that I would expect it to break even if he did. Anyway, I recalled hearing that Thomas Train stuff had a decent warranty/customer service policy, so I emailed them when we arrived home from our trip I received a response a few days later (I had emailed over the weekend) asking that I call them.

So I call... give them my reference email number and some additional details. In the end, because Henrietta is only available now in the 5-pack.. they sent us another 5-pack set as a replacement... so Quinn has double of the other 4 trains. I thought this was crazy wild, I mean I guess time is money and its not worth their time to open up a set and just send one train. Which works out well for us.. Quinn has more trains to play with and doesn't care that they are duplicates...

They asked if he really wanted another, train.. like one he still needed in his collection. They wanted to send it as a customer service gesture for the issue we had... I was flabbergasted. I had hoped they would replace the one train (Henrietta), but certainly didn't expect a whole replacement set, PLUS another train. Since we are Thomas newbies around here, and don't have a ton of them, I wasn't really sure what to ask for.. luckily inspiration hit me quickly. Quinn LOVES fire trucks right now and is super big into Fireman Sam.. so I asked if there was a Thomas fire truck of some sort... and luckily there was...

Wow talk about awesome customer service! Like I said I have heard great things in the past about the Thomas Trains customer service, in addition to the fact that they can easily last 10 kids. And can get passed down among siblings, cousins and friends. We don't have anyone older than Quinn that can pass along to him, but its nice to know that we will be able to keep and play with these toys for a long time and both Quinn and his brother will be able to enjoy them

Oh returning the defective train was super easy, I just popped it in an envelope and left it on the doorstep. UPS picked it up, and took care of the return label.

I wish I could say the same for Fossil. Peter bought me a cute wallet for xmas, and the silver color is already starting to wear off the leather around the edges. When I contacted them about the issue, (I had it less than a month) they referred me to their warranty/replacement policy which requires me to mail it back to them (at my expense and they recommend mailing it certified, insured or traceable), plus assuming they agree to replace the item, there is a $8.50 return shipping and handling fee. UGH..... I mean its a $50+ wallet that was a gift less than a month old and here they want me to spend possible another 1/3 of the cost to replace it (with shipping and their fee). I haven't decided what to do yet. I am a big Fossil fan, with several watches and purses (a frugal downfall yes, but I do try to catch them on sale).. however this experience has left a sour taste in my mouth. I just have never had a wallet "wear" so quickly... after several years yes.. but not within a month. Anyway...

Have you had a really great customer service/warranty issue?


Cindy February 1, 2010 at 8:54 AM  

Great to hear you got the great customer service on the Thomas trains. I love when that happens; makes me a fan for life. My story was with my daughter's American Girl Doll, about 16 years ago. She got "Samantha" for Christmas and it wasn't until 8:30pm on a Sunday night about 6 months later, that she took Samantha's tights off for the first time, and we discovered black lines running within the dolls leg skin. I phoned Pleasant Company, expecting to get a "leave a message" type deal on Sunday night, if anything at all. I got a live Customer Rep who offered to send out a replacement right away. Upon receipt, we would return the defective doll. My daughter was very attached to HER Samantha and just was not willing to have a replacement. So, instead, the rep offered to put the matter on record and whenever my daughter was willing to part with her doll for a couple of weeks, we could send her back to the doll hospital and they would replace her legs. My daughter was very pleased with that. Samantha didn't go back for another 18 months. She was returned promptly after her hospital stay, with hospital wristband and gown. It was the exact same doll; they did not do a switch which would have cost them less money, I am sure. They respected my daughter and her attachment at their cost.

We became sincere and devoted fans of Pleasant Company after that. They deserved our business and well earned the dollars we spent with them

kc February 1, 2010 at 6:30 PM  

Thanks for sharing! I love feel good stories about "corporations" because I always think profit always comes before customer loyalty, but that isn't the case with some good companies!!!

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