To Do List Thursday Update

>> January 07, 2010

Ok we are doing pretty good... get a few more things done tomorrow and I will be pretty happy with our progress this week!!

1.1000 loads of laundry- done
2.Clean out Car (peter already unloaded the luggage, but he always leaves the random junk, trash everywhere.. not his concern I guess) -done
3.Get car washed/detailed- done- although a little more attention may be necessary
4.Rinse off storage bins and Quinn's sandy water shoes from trip- done
5.Unload/Load Dishwasher- done
6.Clean up All laundry Soap disaster (don't ask) - done
7.Put Together Quinn's Train Table- done
8.Return Kohls stuff- done
9.Return Target stuff - done
10.Walmart trip, return
11.Mall Returns
12.Roll Walgreens RR for this week- done
13.Roll ECBS for the week -done
14.Drs. Appt.- done
15.Quinn: shot booster
16.Unpack Suitcases- done
17.Unpack Misc Goods from trips- done
18.Put Away Xmas wrap box- organize, etc- done
19.Take down xmas tree and toddler gate - done
20.Pack up all Xmas stuff -done
21.Xmas boxes to storage -1/2 done
22.Clean out fridges and pantries
23.Vacuum whole house!
24.Donate Goodwill
25.Donate food pantry - done


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