To Do List Tuesday 1/6

>> January 05, 2010

Ok... so i have high expectations for this week. I started planning while driving back in the car on Monday.. I have so much to get done because our trip, and finishing up xmas stuff and general new year stuff....

  1. 1000 loads of laundry- I have done 998 loads already, 2 more to go!
  2. Clean out Car (peter already unloaded the luggage, but he always leaves the random junk, trash everywhere.. not his concern I guess) -done
  3. Get car washed/detailed- daddy job
  4. Rinse off storage bins and Quinn's sandy water shoes from trip- done
  5. Unload/Load Dishwasher- done
  6. Clean up All laundry Soap disaster (don't ask) - done
  7. Put Together Quinn's Train Table- done
  8. Return Kohls stuff- done
  9. Return Target stuff - done
  10. Walmart trip, return
  11. Mall Returns
  12. Roll Walgreens RR for this week- done
  13. Roll ECBS for the week
  14. Drs. Appt.- done
  15. Quinn: shot booster
  16. Unpack Suitcases- done
  17. Unpack Misc Goods from trips- done
  18. Put Away Xmas wrap box- organize, etc- done
  19. Take down xmas tree and toddler gate - done
  20. Pack up all Xmas stuff
  21. Xmas boxes to storage
  22. Clean out fridges and pantries
  23. Vacuum whole house!
  24. Donate Goodwill
  25. Donate food pantry

What do you think should I stop with 25 items? I wonder if I can get at least 90% actually done?? Have I set my sights too high????


Precious January 6, 2010 at 8:36 AM  

Nice list! I am sure you will get most of it done. I find if I make a list at least 70% gets done. If I make no list, I tend to procrastinate and nothing gets done.

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