Wags: 3rd time's a charm!

>> January 07, 2010

So... I ran around and did a few errands yesterday evening after dinner and I had one of those crazy walgreens nights....

1st store
1 contour meter (with bonus A1C test) $14.99- free mq = free
1 breeze meter $14.99 - free mq = free
Total $2.43 on a gift card (all tax)

RR earned.. only (1) $5 for the meters.. I expected a 2nd one, plus the bonus $3 one... I am guessing the contour meter with bonus A1C test was the culprit... As I left, I also thought maybe Wags had stopped the double $5 from printing when 2 meters are purchased in the same transaction.. .It was still a money maker and I didn't really want the hassle of dealing with the issue..Plus while we are donated the extra meters, I will save the A1C test kit. Ao I moved on to the next store..

2nd store
1 contour meter $14.99 - free mq= free
1 breeze meter $14.99- free mq= free
Total $1.83 on a gift card (all tax)

RR earned.. NONE.. ugh nothing printed. I had to check out in the pharmacy because there was only one contour meter on the shelf, i had to snag a breeze meter from the pharmacist. The pharmacist had to call a manager to deal with the RR issue, who commented to himself about the use of coupons.. but didn't say anything directly to me. He ended up just giving me a cash card (with $10.02) on it by doing some crazy return thing.. whatever, at least I got my $10!

3d store
1 contour meter $14.99 - free mq= free
1 breeze meter $14.99- free mq= free
Total $1.83 on a gift card (all tax)

RR earned.. $5 (contour meter), $5 (breeze meter), $3 (2 meters together).. YAH it worked as expected..

So I am guessing the bonus A1C meter threw me off at store #1 and the RR machine was not working at store #2... oh well... still a winning night for me I guess!


Stephanie January 8, 2010 at 7:24 AM  

What are the meters and how do you get them free always. I am a fan a of the site and I was just wondering how it was working! Thanks! :=)

ps.- good luck on the list!

kc January 8, 2010 at 7:35 AM  

Hi Stephanie,

They are glucose meters for diabetics to check their blood sugar level and there are coupons in the regular newspaper inserts. The last set of coupons were from red plum insert on October 25th. I had already traded for extras for any possible deals, since they always seem to come around!!!

Eevi January 8, 2010 at 5:05 PM  

IS there a specific place where you could donate the glucose meters since I do not need them but it would be nice to get them for free and then pass them along.

kc January 8, 2010 at 5:32 PM  

I would call local food pantries (that also often take health and beauty items) or local nursing homes.

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