We DID IT!!!!

>> January 10, 2010

This is my new truck!!! Or Mommy's truck as Quinn calls it...
If you would like to read more about our car buying adventure, and my general rambling... keep going.. otherwise.. maybe skip it. I don't want to bore anyone!!!

My husband has been "working" on me for months now... convincing me that we need a bigger vehicle to be comfortable with 2 babes.... and a couple things convinced me, including having one of my best friends in town with her babe and installing her carseat next to Quinn's in the back... and barely having space for her tiny stroller with ours and of course diaper bags....Anyway, I realize that people can make do, but we worked it out so that the "upgrade" cost would be minimal.....

We were looking for something 2006ish (because that is the year of car), with 30-40ishk miles again because that is where our car is... in an explorer type vehicle. We wanted more space, but didn't want to downgrade the year or mileage. We found a perfect one on craigslist, posted near us and went to see it this week... it was in great shape and included a transferable extended warranty for a transfer fee of only $75!!! Its a 60k or 2012 premium, bumper to bumper Ford warranty!! Definitely a bonus most vehicles couldn't offer.

We focused on only privates sales ads, no dealers... since they will mark up for profit plus would have to pay taxes and fees there. This really limited the selection, only a few met out criteria in the state.. and most were a few thousand more than the one near us.. of course if we included the ones available at dealers, there were plenty to choose from.. only we would pay a lot more for them.

So we debated.. all week about the one we found.. oh and it was in great condition, we weren't even sure if the other available ones in phx were even in as good of condition as this one.. so we were so tempted by it!!

Anyway, the car was listed at $16,500 and we really needed to keep our "upgrade" cost to only $5k, which meant we needed $11,500 for our car...... So we listed it for $12,500, knowing that often people want to negotiate down a bit. However the Kelly Blue Book value is $11,500 for a private sale... so anyway, we had a few random, not serious emails but no hits. My mom suggested we take it to CarMax and see what they would give us for the car. (CarMax is apparently a different kind of dealer, that will buy your car outright after doing an appraisal even if you aren't buying a car from them...).. we figured worst case on craigslit we should get $10,000....

And the 1st great news we found out was CarMax would give us $10,000!! No hassles.. just sign it over, so we had already had resigned ourselves to hoping to get that on craigslist.. now we KNOW we can get that easy as pie!!!

Then we decided that since we knew we could get $10,000 for it, we figured if we could negotiate the explorer down from $16,500 to $15,000.. then we would be hitting our $5k upgrade mark!

Oh back up.... we also did a little research about the explorer.. they gave us the VIN number, so I was able to get an "AutoCheck" report (like CarFax) from a "friend" on SlickDeals for free! Then my husband called the dealership where they claimed to get all service done.. and verified that they did have all regular maintenance done there and he also got the details of the extended warranty! So everything checked out great!!!!

Ok back to negotiating... We decided to start at $14k, so we would have room to negotiate more, but we were nervous they wouldn't come down much.. they did have $16,500 OBO, but that doesn't say how much they will come down...

Anyway, the best news.. after a few minutes.. the guy accepted our $14k offer!!! He didn't want to, but didn't counter either.. and just ended up saying if we would put a deposit on it IMMEDIATELY we could have it!!! So we hopped car and met him!!!

They were upgrading the wife (a grandma) to a new explorer, the only car she wants.. and I think she already had it.. I also think there has been a lot of interest but no one had been willing to do a deposit and just buy it... of course this kind of cash is hard for people to just come up with too... we aren't talking a $5,000 car... anyway, plus the guy was this nice, grandfatherly type dude and appreciated that we needed the space for 2 car seats and extra storage, so I think all of this worked in our favor for him accepting our offer...

We were ecstatic!! We had been worrying and trying not to get our hopes up that we could do the switch right away with our $5k goal.. and here we are with a guaranteed $10k for our car and DH negotiated this awesome deal for the explorer for $14k!!!

Yah!!! our upgrade will only "cost" us $4,000! That leaves us a little room to buy seat covers for the back.. it doesn't need it.. but its a light tan interior and we want to save it from possible toddler spills... Our little car has pretty special covers that are black and water resistant.. and we have had to scrub the seats a few times... from milk spills and stuff.

Anyway, that is my big announcement!!! We are pretty excited around here!


Precious January 11, 2010 at 6:48 AM  

Congrats! Nice negotiating.

kc January 13, 2010 at 10:07 PM  

Thanks we are super excited around here! It's been nice driving it around, although I will miss our little zoom zoom Mazda!! I actually drove the Mazda again tonight (peter took quinn on an errand) and was sad driving it.. knowing it will be gone soon. It sounds silly to be sad over a car though!

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